Toad fish (antennal). Philippines, March 2008.

The fabulous underwater critters of Dauin and Apo

  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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The richness of the underwater sites of Dauin (Negros) and Apo made a strong impression on me. Life abounds and the beauty of the corals, hard and soft, is really amazing.

The delicate and shy seahorses as well as the antennae (toadfish), very much sought after by divers, are numerous. As for the nudibranchs (sea slugs) that I like so much, their diversity is amazing: I had the pleasure to discover there some species that I had never seen before...

Here are some pictures brought back from the Dauin and Apo bottoms. For the pleasure of the eyes, for the memory, for the beautiful emotions that these dives gave me.

Finally, for the divers, I wrote a more "diving" oriented report on the forum of the excellent site : a click right here.

  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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  1. I love flaming cuttlefish, with their amazing color changes. This was the second time I encountered them underwater. The first time was this summer, in Lembeh (Sulawesi). This one, photographed on the site of Masaplod, in Dauin, was fleeing on the sand, frightened by our bubbles, thus offering me its best profile 😉

    As for the leaf-fish, there were two of them, in fact, wedged between the corals, a small one and a big one, also at Masaplod (very rich, this site). I saw many of them, during my previous dives, on the Sipadan and Sulawesi sides, as well as during this trip to the Philippines. Some pink, some white, some brown. But of this yellow color, I think it is the first time too.

  2. Yes, he is very well the Sea Explorers of Dauin. Very pro, flawless organization and good atmosphere.

    I'm like you: my favorite dives in Dauin are The Pier and Apo, top-level !!! The Pier is truly a fabulous site, mesmerizing atmosphere, with the light filtering between the pillars covered with corals and critters ...

    Mindanao for 2009!!! I'll be watching for that on your blog....

  3. Your stories are very pleasant and very true to reality. In addition, beautiful pictures ...
    I also know Dauin (in 2007) and Apo Island. Excellent dives with the very serious Sea Explorer dive center. For me, the best dives were at Pier and Apo ... and in front of the dive center, at night.
    Now, I'm preparing my next trip 2009, probably to Mindanao ... 8)