My holiday homework ... (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)
My holiday homework ... (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)

I'm Rescue Diver

  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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I've been through a lot, but here we go... I'm Rescue Diver. Literally "rescue diver." The training is very physical. Exhausting, but exciting!

My mission: to save people

I've spent four days saving a lot of people! At last, "guinea pigs" who played a choice of: drowning, panicking or unconscious divers or those who had run out of air... A life-size aquatic role-playing game, which allows you to acquire the right reflexes in the face of accidents and all diving emergencies.

I took the course with a Finn, Christian. Tougher than me, and much more talented for buoy and surface towing. But under the water, despite my size less powerful, as I dive since longer than him, I was most comfortable.

In short, we formed a perfect pair, well complementary.

Christian, my Finnish buddy, and I, at the landing, after the exercises under the water. (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)
Christian, my Finnish buddy, and I, at the landing, after the exercises under the water. (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)
Future Rescue Divers keep smiling ... (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)
Future Rescue Divers keep smiling ... (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)

Very (too?) realistic exercises

Our surface exercises were so realistic that at one point a guy on his long-tail boat ran straight over me to help me, as I struggled to tow to the flat. -form of the boat my instructor, Adrian, who had started by drowning, face in the water.

He obviously didn't see the longtail coming. And the Chao-Ley on his boat didn't understand, despite my signs, that it was a rescue exercise. The guy grabbed Adrian by the hair to hoist him onto his boat... I can tell you that the "drowned" man was resurrected in one go, in one go!

As usual, the videos and the manual Padi that accompany the practical exercises are ready to smile, with their staging and their "amerloque" pedagogy. Some passages are even a bit ridiculous in the French translation, often literal and clumsy...

But the training itself is super demanding, very interesting. Of all the dives I followed, it's probably my favorite. Despite the physical fatigue.

As a result, it's the end of the holidays, and I'm exhausted... But what a satisfaction!

Back to the surface, with Adrian, my instructor. (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)
Back to the surface, with Adrian, my instructor. (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)
My holiday homework ... (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)
My holiday homework ... (Koh Lipe, Thailand, March 2009)

  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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  1. well bravo !! :-) I said stop enough noisy formations of the technique, I'm happy with my level 2. so I am admiring!
    already finished the holidays ?:?

  2. Bravo! Bravo! I'm proud of you, and I think you can be proud of you !!!!!
    In the photos you look delighted and you are resplendent!
    I hate that you tell me all that when you come back !!!! I kiss you !!!

  3. In agreement with Helen: you are resplendent (it shines a lot too, that of the last photo, I think!)! You have my admiration, me, I will probably go back to the course "open diver" one of these four! lol

  4. Congratulations, I should have spent a long time ago and I did not have the courage.
    Must say I have both qualifications, PADI and Fede and Fede we think immediately with the level two to raise our pair.

  5. That's it! It's excellent! There is really a lot of guys on the last picture. You have it in full picture?
    Like everyone, I can not wait to see the pictures.
    I will point out to you that while you are saving fake drowned, there has been today a large and strong mobilization on the streets in France. In fact: the weather is finally good, which will prevent you from shaking too much when you return. How many days do you get back? Do not hurry, if you can ...

  6. 🙂 Un grand bravo!
    You seem to have had a complete and serious training, a very good point!
    Not to mention that you did not seem to be bored, beautiful male entourage just as happy as you!
    I love the episode of rescue by the long tail ... that's realism! Congratulations to the Thai for their assistance!
    😈 Dommage que ce n’est pas Christian qui faisait le noyé… il aurait eu moins de problèmes de cheveux!

  7. Like everyone else, I congratulate you on your new status of rescue diver. Whaouh. As for your photo, no comment! She went around the redac and I let you imagine the reactions ... Like a furious desire to tackle everything and join you. Biz

  8. @Flo: Thank you!!!

    @Laurence: This one, training, is really worth it. In addition to all the emergencies related to diving (Rescue Diver), you pass an emergency first response certificate, where you learn the cardiac resuscitation and all the rest, in short, the gestures that can save in the life of all. days…
    Yes, the holidays are over. Tonight, I spend my last night in Thailand. As I have to stay in Phuket to catch the plane tomorrow night, I stop my backpacker plans and I fancy myself in a more chic hotel than my usual guesthouses, with jacuzzi and king-size bed wider than long ...

    @ Helen: Thanks thanks!!! Yes, I'll tell you all that live. It was bursting, but I'm happy with myself. See you soon!

    @ Marie-Julie: Thank you! I see that Madame has a good taste and finds at first glance the "resplendent" diving instructors ...

    @Denis: Thank you! Yes, at Padi too, we think about it, I feel reassured, and I had already learned the rise of the pair. But there, it goes much further. You learn to manage just about every emergency that can happen under water + surface exercises to bring people back to safety + EFR training (first aid). Creper, but rewarding!

    @Myriam: Thank you! My faith, if I have to spend the Dive Master, it will be on a possible long-term stay ... For now, what interests me is to take the picture under water more than to guide people .

    @Nono: Thanks too! Ah, ah, I see that, like Marie-Julie, you have the eye! His name is Adrian, he is South African and diving instructor. He should soon leave Asia to go make bubbles in South America ... I have to have one or two more photos of the guy, just for you. As for me, I'm flying home tomorrow night, alas.

    @Manta: Many thanks! Yes, the training was arduous, complete and serious. Ah, there, another one who is sensitive to the "beautiful entourage" male. Tss-tss, I know it's spring, but you have to calm down, girls! Poor Adrian, I made him drink a few packets of seawater, trying to "save" him with the intervention of the guy on his long-tail ...

    @PhilippeB: Thank you so much! No, no stop in Bangkok, I spend tonight a night in Phuket, and I fly the planes at Bangkok airport tomorrow night ...

    @FunnyWorld: Many thanks, Sam! You are all welcome if you want to see real divers. I will save you all (well maybe not everyone) if you run out of air underwater or if a jellyfish stings your leg. Unfortunately, I have to come back tomorrow. It will be necessary that one foresees according to the Poga a organized trip way "the cruise has fun" ...

  9. Hello
    well we'll cross in the sky !!, I take the plane Saturday noon to Roissy for Hong Kong, then another plane to Manila. an afternoon and a night of rest then flight to Busuanga!
    you can if you want to visit me on my travel blog, there is a link from my website.
    Welcome back, at the moment it is very beautiful in France, it makes it less difficult to return, and then it's spring! 8)

  10. Congratulations!
    Me too this course had fascinated me! After you see the dives differently, you pay much more attention to the behavior of other divers, both on the surface and underwater.
    And then after, the advanced bullshit course, it made me reconcile with Padi!

  11. @ Marie-net: Thank you! Yes, when I took the course, I remembered the post you posted when you did your Rescue. It's exactly that. You become much more attentive than before to others. It also makes you more confident on and under water because you know exactly what to do in case of a problem. I am really happy to have completed this training. A real plus in my diving practice. For my part, my Advanced OW had not been "bullshiteux", I have a good memory. But it is true that with Padi, the quality of training depends a lot on the quality of the instructor who makes you do the exercises ...

  12. One word: BRAVO
    En regardant la 1ère photo, j’ai remarqué que tu ne faisais pas trop PADI, à la différence de ton buddy qui a le tuba au masque 😉
    In fact, who is the beautiful girl tanned next to Christian on the 2nd picture?

  13. Merci Alimata!!! 🙂

    How so, I do not do "Padi"? But if, look good, I have a pretty neon yellow band on the thigh. As for my snorkel, it floats somewhere between two waters in the bay of Pattaya ... During the exercises on the surface, I neglected to fix it to the strap of my mask Padi fashion (normally I keep my snorkel rolled at the bottom of a pocket of my BCD) and fatally, I lost it when it was necessary to resuscitate and tow a drowned.

    The chick in question, I really do not know who it is, but I think she gets the blush with her tan outright, while she is not even Rescue Diver at the moment when the photo was taken ...

  14. Hello,
    I came across your post looking for information on rescue training.
    I have been a Padi diver for 3 years now and certified AOWD since this summer, my next step being the Rescue to be able to dive in autonomy with my pet (N2).
    As I am a nurse anesthetist, I have the right to diploma / EFR equivalence, so I will not have to pass it ...
    Pour le Rescue lui-même, est-ce que tu pourrais me dire ce que tu as fait à peu près et en combien de temps, faut-il une bonne forme physique (genre je dois me remettre un peu plus fort au sport par exemple 😀 ) ?
    I'm in no hurry, take your time to answer, I will not do this training before 2013 I think.
    In any case, thank you in advance for the nice pictures and after for your answers.
    In sporting terms,

  15. @ Nadège: Hello and welcome to my little bubbles elsewhere. The Rescue only takes a few days (EDIT -> I'm talking about 4 days, in my article above). You will find a description on the Padi site page:
    " Rescue Diver

    Basically, you learn how to handle emergencies, whether from the boat, on the surface or under water. The final exercise is to go back under water and bring back to the boat an unconscious diver (the supervisor or another diver plays guinea pigs). The most physical part, in my eyes, is the one where you swim while doing the artificial respiration to the victim, by uncapping his gear as and when ...

    I will obviously not detail everything here, the exercises appear in the Padi manual that goes well. So, yes, it is better to be fit, but the goal is to be able to have the right reflexes (compared to a panicked diver for example) and the right actions, not to be an athlete. So I would say that there is no special need to go back to the sport on purpose. But some pool lengths for endurance and kicking are always recommended ...

  16. Merci de m’avoir aiguillée vers cet article 🙂

    It's not so much for coaching but for continuing to improve my diving skills that I intend to take the Dive Master. I have already potassed the manual Padi (ah, damn Padi, I agree with you!) And there are some very interesting things, but it is especially the advanced situations that make me want to pass this level additional.

    Bonnes bulles plongeuse 🙂


  17. @NowMadNow: Hello, Aline ! Je vois que nos bulles suivent le même sillage… 😉 Oui, j’en conviens : le DM m’intéresserait aussi, c’est certain, pour la mise en « sitations poussées ». Mais le passer demande un investissement en temps (et en argent) que je vais avoir peine à dégager sur mon temps de vacances… Peut-être plus tard, lors d’un hypothétique voyage au long cours ?

    Good bubbles too and see you soon via blogs!

  18. Good evening,
    thank you bcp for your answer, it's nice.
    In addition you made me want to go to Asia dive (already done Tulamben, Amed ...).
    Good bubbles,
    see you soon,