The Wayag Archipelago in Raja Ampat. West Papua, Indonesia.
The Wayag Archipelago in Raja Ampat. West Papua, Indonesia.

Make bubbles in Papuans

  Indonesia: Raja Ampat + Bali - March 2012

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"And where are you going this time? » To put it simply, I say, " In Indonesia. » In fact, I'm going to the end of Indonesia: West Papua! I will dive in the archipelago with the beautiful name of Raja Ampat, "the four kings".

The Wayag Archipelago in Raja Ampat. West Papua, Indonesia.
The Wayag Archipelago in Raja Ampat. West Papua, Indonesia.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is one of the most famous diving spots in Southeast Asia. I've been dreaming about it for a long time... and the dream is about to come true. Yes, it is! I'm going to blow bubbles at the Papuans!!!


The Wikipedia page about Raja Ampat will enlighten you a little, on this destination at the end of the world ... As for those of you who followed the 2011 season game show reality TV Koh Lanta on TF1they already have an idea of the fabulous landscapes that I will soon discover.

A little sample to dream about? Follow this link Google Images.

In transit to Makassar

Well, I'm not quite there yet. Papua is at the very end of the Indonesian archipelago, to the east, on the island of New Guinea. We're already in Oceania, or almost! On the other side of the border, which divides the island in two, is Papua New Guinea (I'll spare you for the moment the history of the conflict between Papuans and Indonesians).

In short, the Indonesians of Bali and Sulawesi open their eyes when I tell them that I am going to Papua. "Papua?" Even for them, it's very far ...

Yes, I'm already in Indonesia! I'm writing this post from Makassar (also called Ujung Pandang), capital of Sulawesi (Sulawesi Island). I'm in transit, halfway to my goal...

Makassar is pretty ugly, I've already been there several times, especially to go to the Toraja country, in previous trips, in 2007 and in 2010. Not much point in hanging out in this town. Besides, this time of year, it's terribly humid. Tonight, the sky is low, heavy with clouds filled with warm rain. I like as much, for the few hours I have to spend here, to enjoy the comfort of my hotel room, the air conditioning, the internet... (Not a daredevil for two pennies, today!).

I came from France by Bali, taking advantage of Ultimate Air Asia X flights. I left Bali this morning and I only spend one night in Makassar, very short, between two planes. Just now, at dawn, I fly to Sorong, capital of West Papua!

Ten days away from everything ...

Once in Sorong, I will embark on a cruise ship for divers. We will sail from island to island, in Raja Ampat. Then I will extend the stay in a resort, on an island of the archipelago.

In short, ten days away from everything. I'll have to disconnect ... Hard.


I am a little longer suspense, I do not tell you more. But I'll come back to tell you all about it, with photos, on land and underwater, as soon as I can connect to the internet again ...

Sampai jumpah lagi!


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Indonesia Travel: Raja Ampat + Bali - March 2012

  Indonesia: Raja Ampat + Bali - March 2012