Bangkok, the tourist district, night. Thailand, February 2009.
Bangkok, the tourist district, night. Thailand, February 2009.

Farangset is good

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  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

Here I am in Bangkok, in the tourist district, for a short night. I'm starting again this Friday for Phuket. focus on Koh Yao Noi, my first stop, in Phang Na Bay.

Airports: from Charles de Gaulle to Dubai

Undisputed travel on Emirates, via Dubai. Brand new airport, full of shops and services. As usual, our airport in Paris is struggling to support the comparison.

In Dubai, wifi is free and free. Unlike Charles-de-Gaulle. There's wifi, yes ... But the rates are prohibitive: it starts at 6 € per half hour. No comment.

But this night take-off allowed me to admire the lights of Paris.

Paris by night ... We even see the illuminated Eiffel Tower!
Paris by night ... We even see the illuminated Eiffel Tower!

Service and comfort top on Emirates. The first plane is not so full. Almost all eco-class passengers were able to lie on vacant seats and sleep a bit.

To report anyway, an interesting novelty, at the TGV station of Charles-de-Gaulle airport: there is now a large luminous table with all flights departing, which indicates the corresponding terminal to know where to go. It was time for the signage to improve a bit ...

Bangkok: return to Kao San Road

Tonight I'm in the tourist district in Bangkok, I'm staying in New Siam I, in the street that extends Kao San Road.

The area is not authentic at all, but it is convenient when you only have one night to go. There is everything on site: bars and restaurants, guesthouses, mini market 7/11 for shopping menus, internet connections.

Bangkok, the tourist district, night. Thailand, February 2009.
Bangkok, the tourist district, night. Thailand, February 2009.

I still find with pleasure this funny atmosphere, between the vendors of everything in the street, the small restaurants at night with their tiny plastic chairs, the farangs (strangers) who hang the tong on the asphalt. The smiles here are mostly commercial, but who cares?

And then it amuses me to notice again these little details which tomorrow, already, will not draw me the eye any more:

- The lanterns and garlands everywhere in the restaurants, which give the impression that it is Christmas whenever the night falls;
- the loud tuk-tuk that sneaks all over the narrow "ones" (alleys);
- carriages of itinerant soup vendors which whet the appetite;
- rolls of PQ in their small plastic boxes that serve as napkins on restaurant tables;
- the inevitable beggar-singer-blind with his creaky sono;
- the first mosquito trying to eat my calf;
Motorcycles overloaded with bundles of vegetables overflowing everywhere;
- the taxi-meter pink-purple and green-yellow, which are on the watch for the client;
- the sweet taste of yellow mangoes;
- the backpackers improvident who parade with their big bags and find "full" signs everywhere;
- small altars with their offerings in every trade ...

It's Christmas every night on the terrace of New Siam I, with its lanterns and garlands. Bangkok, Thailand, February 2009.
It's Christmas every night on the terrace of New Siam I, with its lanterns and garlands. Bangkok, Thailand, February 2009.
A small altar with its offerings, in the tourist district, in Bangkok. Thailand, February 2009.
A small altar with its offerings, in the tourist district, in Bangkok. Thailand, February 2009.

My taxi driver dropped me in front of the guesthouse despite the narrow street.

He spoke poor English and just managed to ask me "Where do you come from? " I almost answered "Perancis" since the Indonesian comes to me more easily, and quickly rectified in "Farangset".

It pleased him, Mr.Tongsat, my driver. "Farangset is good! " he told me, thumbs up. I agree.

😂 👍

Hidden somewhere in the roof above the terrace of my guesthouse, a gecko cheerfully sputters. I like the chuckling of the gecko, the evening at the time of the cool Singha ...

This is a sign that I came back to latitudes that I like.


  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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  1. oh la la !!!!!!! What a pleasure to read you and recognize the restaurant in front of siam1 the guest house that you advised us during our last stay !!!!! Your description of the area is perfect, I I almost believe it! Thank you, it feels good!
    I start to manage my crutches, it's so not practical..some advantage is that I leave the place in the tram and that everyone is nice in the street, smiled at me etc ... a bit like in thailand ... yeah ... .in fine ... I'm exaggerating ... but I take it all as serenely as possible!
    I look forward to reading you again, have a good trip!

  2. Khao San Rd, this first of the year, I liked the thai with a goatee who was walking with a pirate cocked hat and sunglasses skulls -Is it still there? - ... completely surreal the character when the background of KSR was stirring suddenly to open the passage to an elephant painted in blue, yellow and red with inscriptions of colors "happy new year" on the buttocks .. we would say a scene of "The Party" of Blake Edwards ... was missing more than Peter Sellers (maybe he was a Thai hacker?).

    A little green curry to my health, stp. 😉
    (... and then beautiful items too 😆)

  3. Hello
    I see you're already gone, lucky!
    But hey that comforts me, waiting to fly in 3 weeks I will be able to escape by following you on the blog and the time will seem less long!
    Tell me in passing, I can not find fat for the seal of my barrel box 🙁 how do you do? Do you have an address, a site to get some ??? because it's not everything but there are photos waiting for me in the Philippines 😀
    @ more

  4. Like Nono: we believe it! Terrible to read this description when one is away from the holidays and the tropics 🙁
    In particular "Hovered somewhere in the roof above the terrace of my guesthouse, a gecko is cheerfully sputtering. That I like the gecko's chuckle, the evening at the time of the cool Singha ... "that's the machine to dream! So again a good holiday, and we wait for the continuation with impatience 🙂

  5. Hello

    Your travel diary is beautiful it's like the song somewhere over the rainbow ...
    I'm leaving for South East Asia and I hope I'm going to see things so beautiful ...

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the rest of the world

  6. @Helene: It brings back good memories, huh? Yes, it is the restaurant of the Wild Orchid, just in front of New Siam. There, I change environment, since I am in Koh Yao Noi. Well painter, I will tell it very soon ... In the meantime, good luck for the crutches ...

    @ Ludovic / Wet & Sea: Not seen neither your energetic barbette nor elephant painted buttocks! But I think I'll give myself a green curry tonight, it's easier to find ...

    @Laurence: You find silicone grease in the form of tube or pot, in all stores that sell diving equipment. If there are not many near you, it's easy to find, I think, on any commercial site dedicated to diving, like Scubaland. Come on, more than three little weeks of nothing before the Philippines !!!

    @Nono & @Malene: Promised, I continue. I'm delivering a new ticket from Koh Yao Noi where I am right now, very soon, in a day or two ...

    @Thib: Thank you! The continuation is presented well ... I am so happy to be there !!! You would like it, Koh Yao Noi, where I am right now. Peaceful Atmosphere, Siquijor way ...

    @Halim: Thank you Halim. Good preparations for your trip!

  7. Know that even in the Rennes region we enjoy a beautiful day, beautiful sun. I took the sunglasses out of their dusty case. Okay, we're in boots and bonnet but we feel the spring coming up. 8)

  8. hello i will add your blog to my website
    thank you for creating a link from my site at home

    an information site, travel visa, news, and other heading

    thanks thanks
    sawadee kap 😛

  9. Oh! The cockroach! I read you and I remember the clothes that stick on the skin, I smell the smell of pad thai (you take one for me on Khao San?), I hear the same comments of young backpackers who seem to play loop , in all the mouths ... I also feel this immense feeling of freedom which invades me every time that I arrive in this kind of ultra-commercial chaos, as you underline it. And I love them, me, the gecko ... In the meantime, I'm in the suburbs of Lyon, I have to finish two texts (no, I'm not "really" on vacation) and I'm even more tired than before my departure from Montreal! Nevertheless, the few degrees earned and the small dose of scenery make me feel good. But what do you know? I invite you anyway! 🙂 Can not wait to read more!

  10. @Nono: Ben me, I prefer to put my sunglasses without cap or boots!
    8) 😆

    @Mikee: Kop Khun Kaaah! Thank you for the link and your interest in Little Bubbles Elsewhere! I will go explore your site when I return from my trip. But for now, your address gives a blank page. For link exchange requests, the best is to communicate privately rather than through comments. You can write to me at the following address:

    @ Marie-Julie: Oh la la, take the time to rest a little anyway! Good luck anyway for your "holiday homework". Task despite all to enjoy the life of Lyon and restaurants! Even if the padthai is not a local specialty, the food is not bad in Lyon!

  11. Salamat pagui! So true ... Thib is right! Smells, flavors, hubbub, promiscuity ... everything is there !!
    I come across your blog through the site Air Asia where I gleaned information for my next departure ...
    Would you have some very different advice on Vietnam & bordering countries? Am fond of REAL encounters with the locals.
    Thank you, thanks, kop kun ka, maauururu, gracias etc ...

  12. @Valamazone: Selamat Datang! Welcome ! It's been a while that I have not set foot in Vietnam, so I do not really have any fresh information or special advice to give you ... Let yourself be carried, trust your common sense, be your desires: encounters and discoveries will follow! As for the bordering countries (China, Laos, Cambodia), I will not really be able to tell you much more than generalities: I know only a little Cambodia, I made only a brief incursion in Laos it a long time ago, and I have never been to China. What to say to you, if not to take your time, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the place, to observe the ways of being and to make local to better understand them, to taste all the exotic dishes but not to mention want to "see everything" ... Time does not have the same duration in Asia, but that, you must know it already ... Good preparations !!!

  13. Hello, thank you for your site. I plan to go 1 month in vietnam with my spouse and our baby 7 months.on dream of a quiet natural beach side, typical (little or no tourist), you have suggestions because I'm a little in the void for the time being.

    1. @ Cécile: I do not know what to tell you, it's been years since I set foot in Vietnam, it must have changed a lot. Start by leafing through a travel guide, Routard or Lonely Planet ... 😉