The cruise makes bubbles at Similan

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  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

I have just returned from this four-day dive cruise to the Similan Islands. I'm not going to have the time tonight to post a long bill, but here are some photos. Photos on the water, under the water ...

Similan Islands

And here are some pictures of this fabulous beach of the island called "number 8" Similan, where we made a stop, between two ploufs.

Island No. 8 of the Similan Archipelago. white sand from white and azure water ...

Nothing has changed since my passage from three years ago.

The same white sand, fine as flour, the same translucent floods, the same azure bay that can be admired from above, from the large round rocks on which we climb by clinging to ropes, with footbridges in wood between two blocks of granite.

Similan Island No. 8.

For the rest, comfortable boat and great atmosphere. I have my single cabin and my dive companions are nice, easy-going people. No contingent of Germans, but on the contrary a squarely international clientele.

Thirteen divers, three guides, a videographer, six crew members and a manager of Eden Divers. In all thirteen nationalities: three French, including myself, one Canadian, two Japanese, two Australians, one American, two Slovaks, two Swedes, one Turkish, one German, one Israeli, one South African, one Swiss and the Thais, of course .

UPDATE - October 2014: the story I made here dates from July 2009, do not go book at Eden Divers today, the company no longer exists ... She went bankrupt in the hands of a German, now sued in Austria for fraud who was arrested in Thailand in May 2014. See the articles in English of ThePhuketNews and ChiangRaiTimes.

Dam and Medic are on the diving platform of Eden Divers boat.

Nice atmosphere, no ball, that charming people! For everything to be perfect, it would have been necessary that mantas and whale sharks were at the rendezvous. We hoped for them. But none of the big bugs appeared in the blue ... I'll have to come back to see them!


I realize how lucky I was, three years ago, to meet both underwater ...

Photos under the water

Whatever. The dives were excellent anyway, and I consoled myself with a bunch of other critters, including the inevitable nudibranchs that I love so much ...

My small Canon (Powershot A95)who had been quaking for some time, let me go for good on the second day. I tried everything to revive him: hot, cold, pats, prayers to Buddha, disassembly with a rusty screwdriver ... In vain.

But I was lucky in my misfortune. The Turkish dive-master kindly lent me his little Powershot S30 with his subwoofer.

Not terrible, less powerful than my A95. But it was better than nothing. And I still managed to make some nice little pictures.

I come back delighted with these four days of plots, sea and sun.

Tomorrow Sunday, I have to get up very early, again. The pick-up for the ferry to Koh Lipe is between 6:15 and 6:45 ... Ah, the joys of Thai pick-ups at uncertain times! Until the last minute, we are never too sure that the taxi / bus / minivan expected will arrive ... In general, it always ends up pointing. Never quite on time.

Go. Tomorrow, go to Koh Lipe! And I will find the way to take photos anyway. Promised!


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Added on 13/04/2009:
Below, two links to complete this post.
»My photos of the Similan
Video of the turtle cross at East of Eden

  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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  1. It's the woman's day tomorrow, so you should find someone or someone to help you out. Solidarity is not too old-fashioned, I dare to hope. I vote for the second bug that you caught during your PMT. Phew! It's placed, maybe not at the right moment, but placed anyway. 🙂 A splash

  2. Indeed, super nice photos even if you do not have your device. still send a lot of pictures like that. Happy holidays in the land of smiling ... 🙂

  3. @Yves: Nothing to do with the fantastic images of Helen, of course. But I am very happy to have been able to get something out of the small old camera that I was lent. A real challenge: impossible to access all the settings, the buttons on the subwoofer did not allow it, besides it fell into the battery bay super fast and was misting me systematically on the glass of the lens (seal not well sealed and overheated batteries). In these conditions, I am already very happy to have managed to make some photos of drinking ... If in addition I am envious, I am filled!

    @Nono: Oh, March 8 ... I completely forgot about that. Since I spent my day in transport, not too much time to find an alternative solution, but I'm hopeful, now that I'm in Koh Lipe. At the dive center where I am, I meet Erika, a Swiss who worked before at Coral Diving in the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, and with whom I have already dipped and shot underwater ... I will ask him tomorrow. Maybe she'll have a little device to lend me? Otherwise, I'll find out, go. Otherwise, missed to fit the PMT: I was not in snorkeling for this photo, but in scuba-diving. Delighted that my "bug" pleases you!

    @FunnyWorld: We had fun, I must say ... It went too fast!

    @PhilippeB: I'm going to manage to make more photos ... I'm finally starting to be fully in the rhythm of the country.

  4. Thank you for the little flashback on the island number 8, it's almost a machine to teleport your blog ... Unfortunately it's big "almost"! and there is nothing to do, my tile does not turn into white sand, and to have a blue water like the photos, I have to put some shady stuff in the bath 😉
    And thank you for the photos of nudibranchs ... it will surely be these adorable critters that will make me buy a camera one day!

  5. Hello Corinne
    I'm happy with your adventures while waiting for mine ... you remind me of good memories last year in the Similans ...
    I know one who will start looking for the new ideal device ...
    At least you will have exploited yours to the end! He has lived well and seen so many beautiful things ... he deserves this beautiful ending under the sun of Thailand ... but he could still wait to return, what a capricious! 😡
    I hope you find alternative solutions to keep us dreaming. 💡

  6. @Malene: Hey, hey ... That's why I started out in this blog. I had a lot of fun browsing blogs and sites of travelers. I wanted to do the same. Share in almost direct my impressions and emotions of travel, to dream ... Good, obviously, it is not yet teletransportation. But I'm glad to have you still "transported" a little under the Thai sun. As for the nudists, that, yes ... When we start the picture under water, it quickly becomes a favorite subject!

    @Manta: As you say, it will be an opportunity to equip me, better! It's very beautiful, Koh Lipe. Just arriving yesterday, I took hundreds of shots ... in my head. It will be necessary, more than ever, that I find the right words to tell all that.

  7. They are very beautiful these photos! Nothing is more soothing than swimming among the fish ... your pictures brought me a small dose of calm. My condolences for your camera. Beyond the fact that you can not take pictures when a camera makes the soul, there is also the sentimental value of these faithful traveling companions!

  8. @ Marie-Julie:
    Yes, diving makes it soothing. In any case, it's the effect it gives me. No doubt it has to do with breathing, changing a little like weightlessness, the spectacle of underwater flora and fauna ... Delighted to have managed to transmit a little of this appeasement.
    As for my little device, yes, I'm a little sad, because I was attached to it. But today, there is a guy from the club who will lend me his little camera for "terrestrial" photos. For photos under water, I'll see ...

  9. hello corinne
    well the similans are up to their reputation!
    When to super photos (too bad for your canon!)
    when the comparison with the pictures of helena (which are beautiful) how to compare a small apn with a SLR, it's like a 2cv and a ferrari (😉 I like the 2cv hi hi ...)
    continue to make us dream with plens beautiful photos, I trust you to find a solution for troubleshooting.
    but your experience serves me, I go with my 2 small apn in 15 days ... you never know ...
    @ more

  10. Hello Corinne
    Lipé get you on Butang, you will not regret it.
    By the way, say hello to my friends from the Wilmi, they are there right now.
    Good bubbles and thank you for making us dream again.


  11. @Laurence: Yes, you do well to take a rescue device. It's fragile, those little things. Even if they are only 2CV ... Go, more than fifteen days before departure !!! You're almost there!

    @Caroline: Thank you for all these compliments. Nothing makes me more happy than to give travel desires through this blog!

    @Alain: Butang, I note !!! I do not know if I will have the opportunity to meet your friends from the Wilmi, but if that is done, I will send them your hello! I will try to continue in the same vein despite my camera problems. It is a real pleasure to share here these Thai emotions. And to dream ...

  12. @ Marie-net: as you say. And too much fishing too ... The shark fin whale is very very expensive in Asian countries. Today, on the site of 8 Mile, off Koh Lipe, we saw one. Finally, when I say "we" ... Not me. I was not in the right peg. Grrr. And the sight was rotten rotten. Never mind!

  13. Hi there you i found your web site -hope you are well

    Did you hear about the other dive boat that sunk the day after bear?

    Like your website but my not so good

    Warm regards Mark

  14. @Mark: Hi! It's good to hear from you !!! 🙂

    You can translate these pages with the "Google Translator" I have placed in the right sidebar. Of course, it's not very accurate, by you can get the global meaning ...

    Yes, I've heard about that tragedy and read the news on the internet. Seven people died, two bodies are still missing, the ship is now lying at about 70 meters deep. What a scary story ...

    Hope you're fine. Warms too!

  15. @Alimata: Pfff ... I recognize your big heart!
    I do not thank you.

    Anyway, I'll go, too, to Raja Ampat. One day. N / A. And with a new camera. And me too, the mantas they will pass me just above to be tickled by my bubbles. No but.

  16. Hello Corinne,
    I also have to go to Thailand in a month and I would like to know: a cruise, like the one you just did, cost how much and for how many days ??? Your photos are super beautiful, you made me dream ... Too bad you have not done on the boat ... more!

  17. @Abdel: Thank you for your note, and sorry for being late in answering. In fact, I do not remember the exact price. It seems to me that it was 4J / 5N for the duration. It was with Eden Divers, you should be able to find their price list on their site. Or via, which markets these cruises.

  18. Hello Corinne,

    I have just returned from a liveboard 4 days at Similan with Eden Divers, programmed on your good advice.
    Well the quality of welcome is always at the rendezvous and the dives superb.
    Little more, as you know some sites of the Similan are closed because of the coral. But our tour leader Fari knows authorized corners between these prohibited spots that he is practically alone to discover.

    Beside the attendance of Richelieu Rock, it feels good ...

    We saw manta rays in Ko Bon but not the shadow of a shark, always overfished ...

    Thank you for your blog


    PS: you have hello Olivier and Valerie in Phuket.

  19. Thank you very much for adding the information on Eden Divers! I wrote their name after your post to go in January, so I'll have to edit my search.
    I really like your articles.