Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe.

Koh Lipe: welcome to Sunrise Beach

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  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

Just for fun, a first image of Koh Lipe ... This is probably the best known of the island. This small tongue of white sand is located at the north end of Sunrise Beach on the east coast, as its name suggests. Photogenic as possible.

The translucent azure water is to fall. It's beautiful, Koh Lipe!

And I mourn the death, now official, of my little Canon A95. The sharpness of the image and the rendering of the colors was infinitely superior to what I get with this other camera (Cyber-Shot of Sony).

But I will not do the difficult. It's better than nothing. It's Julien, a guy from Forra Diving, who was kind enough to lend me his camera for the day. I paced the island up and down, strafing all over the place.

I'll give you a little more photo selection in a future post. In the meantime, I leave you this one to dream ...


  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

  1. There's worse, I think. The mountain that falls in the ocean is always magical. We do not get tired, even if the dive is less good.
    As users of Glamor have plebiscite me, I just bought the magazine that celebrates its five years and offers a glamorous collector too top that stinks the plastic miles away but throws with the number one Laetitia Casta ...
    It is always cold, enjoy and make us enjoy your underwater getaways and land. Do you always spend a lot of time on your little bubbles? Less than when you went to Mr. Internet?

  2. Oh dear…. a window of sun and color in this gray day where even the nearby Jura has disappeared ... 😥
    Thank you and we are waiting for the fish! : Mrgreen:

  3. @ Helen: I prepare other pictures, to cheer you up and give you courage during your convalescence ...

    @Nono: Bugger. So like that, I miss a glamorous gift that smells of plastic? I'm lucky !!! In fact, as I have my own computer, I spend a lot of time on it, but not only for the internet: it allows me to sort and edit a little my photos (because yes, I have plenty of photos in stock , on land and under water !!!).

    @ Malene: The fish arrive very quickly, in a next ticket. History of opening a small window of aquatic colors in the winter greyness ...

    @ Marie-Julie:
    Perfect!!! Mission accomplished.

  4. Hello Little bubble,
    Funnyworld the king of the PC told me for the device, the imminent disaster ... It was already eight days ago and I did not have time to see how you were doing before today. Fortunately there are nice people who have kindly helped you out ...
    I just read the story of your serene and serene adventures on Koh Yao Noi, Island 8 and Koh Lipe, which does not look bad either! Now that I am up to date, I look forward to the rest!

  5. Bashung is dead tonight and your photos are beautiful, with this device tinkered. I love fish with black and white spots ....

  6. @Paskle: Nothing stands against the night ... 😥
    It was you who taught me the news for Bashung when I quickly consulted my messages this morning at breakfast before the dives.

    I'm not going to have the indecency to show right now here the horrible images that pre-emptively illustrate packages of Thai cigarettes. But it's calm.

    Otherwise, the leopard-colored fish that illustrates the next post is actually a moray eel. Good size, but very peaceful, she let herself be flashed without protesting. No more time to take photos right now, I spend my days saving people who do not stop drowning and studying the emergency procedures at night. Exhausting.

  7. Hello Corinne,

    Nice pictures that makes you want to know this coast of Thailand that I have not done yet. Do not you plan to come to Koh Pha Ngan one of these days? In any case your site is really cool.

  8. @Steve: The Andaman coast deserves to come and come back !!! There are so many different islands ...
    I would surely go back to the gulf of Siam one of these days. I do not know Koh Samui and Koh Tao, but not even Koh Phan Gan! As I already told you once, I'll sign you, promised, if I ever go in the corner ... Thank you for the compliments on the site!

  9. Koh Samui has no interest, unfortunately! I left it is over 3 years already. The seabed of Koh Tao is gradually dying inexorably. Koh Phangan remains a good compromise because the island is covered with 70% of forests and the fact that it is National Park on 1/3 of its surface "protects" it from an irrational development. I think I'll do the West Coast next year in the low season 😉
    Continue to promote Thailand with your stories & beautiful photos. 🙂

  10. @Steve: Yes, alas, I hallucinate to see what has become of Samui. I knew it at a time not so far ago, where there were still dirt roads with puddles between which we had to slalom, right in Chaweng ...

    I really like Koh Tao, the island is really pretty. Too bad that the underwater sites have suffered so much. That said, for diving, there are three sites that are worth seeing: Chumphon Pinnacle, South West Pinnacle and Sail Rock.

    Finally, if Phan Gan survived the full moon parties, half moon and other black moon parties that made his reputation, it's a good thing! I love Thailand so much that I will continue to encourage people to discover the country !!!

  11. Hi Corinne!

    Fantastic your photos 🙂 !!!

    Hoping to see you again at Ko Lipe, for some dives ...
    Well the best in your wanderings!

    Julien Robin (Belgium)

  12. @OrO: Hello Julien, and welcome to my "little bubbles elsewhere". Delighted that the visit pleased you.
    As you can see, I'm having fun with this blog ... I will not go browse your pictures on your site too, if tonight my connection deigns to support the loading of images.
    Kisses and good luck !!!

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