The Medion Akoya Mini (10 inches) placed on the MacBook Pro (15 inches).
The Medion Akoya Mini (10 inches) placed on the MacBook Pro (15 inches).

My little technomad computer

  Between Two Journeys

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I fell in love with a netbook. Yeah, one of those cheap, lightweight mini laptops. When I travel to Asia in backpacking mode, I usually leave without my MacBook Pro.

I'm a little afraid of breakage, theft, weight, clutter (15 inches). And I manage on the spot with the bécanes of the centers internet ...

But here, my departure for Thailand is approaching and I do not want to spend hours in a web-center. I can see myself writing painstaking on the terrace of my bungalow, or sort my photos facing the beach. And then spend a few minutes at the internet center to transfer everything to Bubbles Underwater & Beyond!

Of course, during my previous "great luxury and comfort" stay in the Dominican Republic, I didn't hesitate to embark the Mac. But for this Thai trip which will be more "backpacker" I do not want to load myself or expose my precious computer to the vagaries of travel.

Medion Akoya Mini 10 inches

The Medion Akoya Mini (10 inches) placed on the MacBook Pro (15 inches).
The Medion Akoya Mini (10 inches) placed on the MacBook Pro (15 inches).

I will now be "technomade" with my new acquisition: the Medion Akoya Mini E1210 (it is also the one marketed by Orange). If I chose it, it's mainly for the comfort of the keyboard.

I tapped on all the machines found in stores, eeePC from Asus to the ECAF of Hercules, Aspire of Acer and their many little brothers. On the screens, I left explicit messages behind me: "This keyboard's too small, it's not easy to write stuff, but it's still important on a computer, isn't it?"

It made people smile as they went behind my back to look at the netbooks on the shelves. On an eeePC, there was even a guy who came to complete my text afterwards: "Yes, indeed, it's far too small..."

The Medion Akoya (clone of MSI Wind, better known) is one of the few netbooks on which I managed to grab a text quickly without looking at my fingers, as I usually do on a normal size keyboard. The trackpad is large enough, better than others (I do not like at all those who have the click buttons on the sides).

The screen (10 inches) offers reasonable comfort, too. There's enough storage space for 160GB and the performance seems correct for the use that will be mine. Finally, it weighs 1.25kg including battery (the "6-cell", the long-lasting one).

Well, it's still a PC ...

Its only flaw: for the moment it has Windaube on it (at least inside) as indicated on the label (which I'm going to remove). A horror.

Choose your poison ... (Source image:
Choose your poison... (Source image:

I knew I was Macophile. And I'm sure to stay, despite this little knack technomade contract ...

UPDATE. After this experience with a mini-PC, which, in use, has proved to be really lacking power for the treatment of photography and video, I finally returned to my first love. After the Medion, I started traveling with a MacBook Air, very small all light, really top. Then again braked by the lack of power (computer and video files and photos more and more big), I acquired a new machine more powerful in 2016, a MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina screen ...

Because I almost got angry when, for the 15th time, Windows asked me to reboot after 50 million security updates. And even more so when I took three tries to find MY wifi network, a network that Macs find all by themselves (I had to activate the search by pressing the Fn key + the F11 key, I'm dreaming!!!!).

And then when the antivirus, for the 20th time, said to me: "Oh dear, careful, don't you want to buy Our-super-program-the-poloss (there's a big, scary red dog on it, not like the beta mutt in the help program) that will effectively protect your computer? »

Puréééééééeee.... Exactly like in the famous Apple ads "Mac vs PC".

I've uninstalled the hound, back in the doghouse! Then I quickly put Internet Explorer in the dungeon, and installed Firefox to navigate properly on the internet.

Then I removed all the preinstalled gadgets and other shortcuts that I do not need, and already the desktop is cleaner.

Anyway, the machine is cute, but it confirms all the evil I already thought of Windows. When I think of all the people who have PCs. But it must be a CAUCHEMAR to turn on your computer every day, not at all a pleasure!!!!


Well, for now I do not touch anything in the bowels of the system, I'm too scalded like that, I may do some nonsense. But I feel that I will get down to the joys of Linux someday. Even better ...

I would dream of getting the same result as in the picture below. But formatting a PC to turn it into a "Hackintosh" still seems a bit tricky to achieve. (And not at all to Apple's taste, of course).

Install Leopard, the Apple OS on a netbook? Some did it. (Source: MacWorld)
Installing Leopard, Apple's OS on a netbook? Some have done it. (Source: MacWorld)

In the meantime, I'm going to stick an apple-shaped sticker on my netbook. That, nothing forbids it.


Finally, I discovered that the new ultra-portable MSI (not yet released in France, presented at CES of Las Vegas) are strangely similar to MacBook Air ... it leaves you dreamy.

The netbook MSI X-Slim 320 has a look of MacBook Air. (Photo source:
The netbook MSI X-Slim 320 has a look of MacBook Air. (Photo source:

  Between Two Journeys

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    1. I also installed Mac Bones on an eeepc. If need help, do not hesitate.
      Otherwise I loved your return. I'm on Mac since 1993. For 1 year, I have a laptop for work.
      In short, I could have written the same article as you.
      It made me smile, bravo!

    2. @Blues: Well, I dropped my PC notebook acquired in 2009 for a long time, in fact. He was not powerful enough to watch and edit HD videos. I ended up investing in an 11 inch MacBook Air instead. I am very very happy.

  1. You cracked, you cracked ... Copious! Since I set up my girl's Akoya (pink!) I'm about to buy one too. 4h of autonomy checked ... Light ... Cheap ... Keyboard nickel ... You made the right choice: it's a real PC, small but complete. Too funny your description of the hell of the PC. This is alas true. Like the one who hammers on his head because "it feels good when he stops ..."
    I see only one advantage to use the PC: we pass happily to the Mac. The opposite is more painful ...
    BUT! In the last SVM (newsstand) you will find the procedure to install MacOS on this netbook. It's illegal but we do not care and it costs less than 30 €! A memory stick to change, two config and ... Hop. Thanks WHO ?
    Well, I go back to the editorial office of Morocco ...

  2. @ Denis: Thank you! This info on the blog Viinz had escaped me, while I collected a lot of links on the subject for two days. He responded to me. Eh eh!!!

    @ Francis: Copious, me? Tss-tss ... Good. I admit that if there had been the pink model on the shelf, that's the one I would have taken. Story to play me girlie-geek to the end.
    I did not choose this netbook quite by chance, I must say. I had already noticed that it was part of the models possibly transformable in ... biiiip ... well, you know, these things with an apple on it. And I'm glad to see that in truth you are a real Macophile.
    Anyway, thanks for the tip for SVM. It will complete the indications of Viinz. For once I decide to save money by not buying this month computer magazines ... This issue of SVM escaped me. I run to get it from tomorrow !!!!

    @ Helen: Eh yes! I cracked, I cracked, I did well to crack! Na-na-na-na-nèreuh! (I'm surprised I do not have any ironic comments from Greg!)

  3. Traitor! lol
    C’est vrai qu’il est mignon cet ordi. Moi, je pleure encore la mort de mon PowerBook 12 po que Mac ne compte plus refaire! 🙁 Je suis passée à un doigt de craquer pour le eeePC il y a quelques mois. Faudra tout de même que je regarde s’il est en vente au Québec, ce mini Akoya… (Et ils le font en rose?;-) Je change toujours d’avis à la dernière minute parce que moi aussi les PC me font rager… Résisterai-je encore longtemps? Pas si sûr…

  4. Congratulations, here you are, a true webtrotter. In travel, the netbook changes the life, easy to carry, ideal size on the tablet in the plane, good autonomy, only happiness. Only galley for me, it is Linux that remains very esoteric. In Thailand "open" wifi networks are everywhere, just enough to "sniff" a little. I regularly put shame on my wife by going around the cell phone lit.

    EeePC 701 for a year.

  5. @ Marie-Julie: No, no! Am not a traitor, because I intend to turn this cute little computer into "Hackintosh" ... But hush! In addition, yes, it does in pink (there would have been in the shop where I went, I would have taken!). At MSI, I think they even make the Wind version "Hello Kitty" ... Me I regret that Apple does not put on the netbooks niche. The MacBook Air is beautiful, but overpriced if you want to use just extra computer technomade.

    @ Denis: Yes, I love these ads. In addition, now, I can testify that it is not so exaggerated.

    @ Gulick: Sorry, I just discovered your comment, which had landed in spam ... Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I know that in Thailand, it's easy enough to connect in tourist areas, hey, hey !!! As for my brand new netbook, I will try to run it under Mac OS (but re-shh) ...

  6. Merci Mariju… Je nage en plein doute, ton commentaire positif me rassure!!! 😉
    I'm not sure yet to keep this picture or that typo. I'm testing. You know how difficult it is to choose a banner that "sticks" to the image you want to give the blog. It was time for me to change anyway.

  7. 😆

    Quel traître tu fais, Alimata!!! Un MSI Wind pour môman??? 😡

    And in addition you want to play the troll hair ??? Tss-tss !!! With all the keywords you just typed, it may bait them ...

  8. Well, I bought the MSI Wind at my moman for Christmas and ...
    Hein !! What?
    Non, non, absolument pas !! C’était bien pour ma momam chérie, pas pour moi. Je n’ai pas dit que je ne le lui aurais pas emprunté pour partir en Indonésie, si elle me l’avait proposé, mais bon elle part aux Antilles avec 😡
    So I left to buy mine to me personally and now I fall on your article. The Akoya, for me it was just a clone (expensive) MSI manufactured for Orange. Acquired consciousness, I look a little and there surprise for 30 E more clone integrates the wifi "n". Well, let's wait a few more days, maybe by then there will come out one with a 10-cell battery or a 20 "folding screen ...
    En ce qui concerne MAC vs Windows, ça sent le troll à plein nez. On pourrait continuer avec FF vs IE, Dotclear vs WordPress, Routard vs Lonely, PADI vs CMAS, Ventrale vs Dorsale, Roux vs Combaluzier, Coton vs Dentelle, Tampon vs Serviette, Voile vs Moteur et Bannièrebambou vs Bannièrepaysage 😉

  9. @ Marie-Julie: This photo was taken in Koh Phi Phi ... (sigh)
    Je vais laisser cette bannière telle quelle pour l’instant (et j’interdis à Alimata de revenir donner à manger au troll « Bambou vs Paysage »!!!). 😆
    It will be seen in a few weeks if this headband withstands the passage of time or if I feel a new inspiration ...

  10. Rien ne t’empêche de changer à nouveau dans quelques semaines si le doute persiste! C’est ce que je m’étais dit en changeant mon bandeau, mais finalement, j’ai été trop paresseuse (et occupée!) pour me repencher sur la question… En tout cas, moi, j’aime bien la photo que tu as choisie! 🙂

  11. Yes, that's why I doubt ... And I'm still looking for inspiration. It's interesting to have your opinion.

    I feel that it does not really "stick" to what I want, this banner. For a moment, I even thought to put nothing at all, just black and some sober letters on it. Or to retrieve the flash image banner of my other site (very "Asian trips"):

    J’ai finalement opté pour cette image, par défaut. Tes critiques sont assez justes… 😉

    In fact, this picture reminds me of good memories (Koh Phi Phi). We see the sea and cliffs "Asian", but it does not really reflect the content of the blog, it's right. It's a compromise in the meantime.

    Quant aux bambous, je m’insurge!!! 😮 Ils sont parfaitement autentiques, photographiés en Malaisie, en 2006, non mais!!!! 😛
    At the time I put them on, as I talked more about my travels than my dives, and exclusively from Asia, it did. But since then, "Little Bubbles Elsewhere" has evolved and bamboos are no longer "fitting" at all ...

    I think I'm going to embark on a photo-editing with lettering, where I will associate images of Asia and diving, but here it's a little more work ... I would see something about the trip to Asia " on land "and" underwater ", on and under the surface. At the same time, the theme of my blog is expanding, I'm not only talking about Asia ...

    And then, I do not want to do something too focused on diving. I want to keep the "travel" side with a visual facing the sea.

    Short. I feel that I still have a moment to meditate on it, with the benevolent company of my friend the troll hairy ...

  12. Regarding your banner, we were talking about just now with Francis and he told me he did not find yours very much in line with the theme of your site, which is not wrong.
    The previous (bamboos) had the merit of recalling a little Asia, even if the photo had obviously been taken at the Jardin des Plantes. Side trips and diving, it's true that we were rather in homeopathy and the subliminal message
    With this one, one has the impression that the trip stopped in the Gold Coast, in the Rock of Solutré. You'll tell me, it's almost in the Southeast, but not really in Asia ...
    Aquatic, diving and southern seas, it is true that scientists agree to recognize that Burgundy was bathed by warm seas in the Upper Mesozoic. Some even bolded to recognize that Solutré would come from fossilized coral reefs. Still, I'm afraid your readers will have trouble making the link
    It was just my opinion and far from me the idea of launching a troll hairy, but I would like to know the opinion of regulars. We have our say anyway !!

  13. 😆

    Bah! Between a late return to the house because of the festival to cover + late papers to buckle overnight + a banner to redo + a slight insomniac trend ... I'm not so bad.

  14. @Nono: In the background, we have not found anything better than the notebook + pencil ... A nomadic equipment that has proven itself: never fails, compact, cheap, robust and lightweight, usable in any situation, under all climates.

  15. Well, well I realized that I would certainly not risk a netbook because with my level I would become very quickly goat. It would crash, I would cringe ... So I would continue to travel with a pencil, a notebook, a camera and cyberinternet where I would feed a little bit my blog. But I am very happy to follow the adventures of those who are able to blog on a daily basis.

  16. I do not understand anything about your comments and analysis.
    I have a Mac at home and a PC at the office.
    And my faith is fine, both together.
    Whatever I have ever learned to use all the apps. from Mac.
    The Mac / Versus / PC ads are very well done, like an American blog buster series: it just makes you want a third thief come to trouble the duo a little too impeccably adjusted that form these two majors Cie no?
    Happy New Year to Corinne B. and all those correspondents

  17. @Richard: Bonne année aussi !!! 🙂

    Ne cherche pas… C’est normal que tu ne comprennes rien. Il y a, dans les commentaires précédents, un mélange de private jokes, de recettes geek, d’allusions déplacées à mon changement de bannière il y a longtemps, entrelardées d’enthousiastes contributions de Mac lovers. De quoi perdre le fil de la discusion initiale. 😆

    If you like the "series" of Mac vs. PC ads, I found this new link:
    »All Mac ads on one page

    Finally, to return to the subject of this post, I finally did not hack the system of my mini-PC trip. It works very well as is for the use I have (storage and sorting of photos, writing texts, web connections). I resign myself to using Windaube, with which I am similarly familiar with the duck's computer.

    The advantages of this "nomadic" extra computer: small, light, cheap. I won it during my last getaways, to Borneo. I am very very happy. Although this is ... a PC!