Le Medion Akoya Mini (10 pouces) posé sur le MacBook Pro (15 pouces).
The Medion Akoya Mini (10 inches) placed on the MacBook Pro (15 inches).

My little technomade computer

  Between Two Journeys

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I fell for a netbook. Yes, one of these cheap and lightweight mini-laptops. When I travel in Asia in "backpacking" mode, I usually leave without my MacBook Pro.

I'm a little afraid of breakage, theft, weight, clutter (15 inches). And I manage on the spot with the bécanes of the centers internet ...

But here, my departure for Thailand is approaching and I do not want to spend hours in a web-center. I can see myself writing painstaking on the terrace of my bungalow, or sort my photos facing the beach. And then spend a few minutes at the internet center to transfer everything to Bubbles Underwater & Beyond !

Of course, as part of my previous stay "great luxury and comfort" in the Dominican Republic, I did not hesitate to ship the Mac. But for this Thai journey that will be more "backpacker" I do not want to load or expose my precious computer to the vagaries of travel.

Medion Akoya Mini 10 inches

Le Medion Akoya Mini (10 pouces) posé sur le MacBook Pro (15 pouces).
The Medion Akoya Mini (10 inches) placed on the MacBook Pro (15 inches).

I will now be "technomade" with my new acquisition: the Medion Akoya Mini E1210 (it is also the one that markets Orange). If I chose it, it's mostly for the comfort of the keyboard.

I tapped on all the machines found in stores, eeePC from Asus to the ECAF of Hercules, Aspire Acer and their many little brothers. On the screens, I left explicit messages behind me: "This keyboard is too small, not easy to write stuff, while it counts, anyway, on a computer, no? "

It made people smile that passed in my back also examine netbooks on the shelf. On an eeePC, there's even a guy who came to complete my text after: "Yes, it's way too small ..."

The Medion Akoya (clone of MSI Wind, better known) is one of the few netbooks on which I managed to grab a text quickly without looking at my fingers, as I usually do on a normal size keyboard. The trackpad is large enough, better than others (I do not like at all those who have the click buttons on the sides).

The screen (10 inches) offers reasonable comfort, too. There is enough to store 160GB and the performances seem correct for the use that will be mine. Finally, it weighs 1.25kg battery included (the "6 cells", the one that lasts a long time).

Well, it's still a PC ...

Its only flaw: for the moment there is Windaube above (finally in) as indicated by the label (which I will remove). A horror.

Choisissez votre poison... (Source image: Nowhereelse.fr)
Choose your poison ... (Source image: Nowhereelse.fr)

I knew I was Macophile. And I'm sure to stay, despite this little knack technomade contract ...

UPDATE. After this experience with a mini-PC, which, in use, has proved to be really lacking power for the treatment of photography and video, I finally returned to my first love. After the Medion, I started traveling with a MacBook Air, very small all light, really top. Then again braked by the lack of power (computer and video files and photos more and more big), I acquired a new machine more powerful in 2016, a MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina screen ...

Because I almost got upset when, for the 15th time, Windows asked me to restart, after 50 million security updates. And even more when I put three leads before finding my network wifi, network that Macs find by themselves (had to activate the search by pressing the Fn key + the key F11, I dream!!!).

And then when the antivirus, for the 20th time said to me, "Oh there, be careful, do not you want to buy Our super-program-the-molosse (there's a big red dog worrying above, not as the beta program help bastard) that will effectively protect your computer? "

Puréééééééeeee .... Exactly as in the famous Apple ads "Mac vs PC".

I uninstalled the molosse, at the niche! Then I quickly put Internet Explorer in the cell, and installed Firefox to navigate properly on the internet.

Then I removed all the preinstalled gadgets and other shortcuts that I do not need, and already the desktop is cleaner.

In short, the machine is cute, but it confirms all the harm I already thought of Windows. When I think of all those people who have PCs. But it must be a NIGHTMAR to turn on your computer every day, not at all a pleasure! ! !


Well, for now I do not touch anything in the bowels of the system, I'm too scalded like that, I may do some nonsense. But I feel that I will get down to the joys of Linux someday. Even better ...

I would dream to get the same result as in the picture below. But formatting a PC to turn it into "Hackintosh" seems a little tricky to achieve. (And not at all Apple's taste, of course.)

Installer Leopard, l'OS d'Apple sur un netbook? Certains l'ont fait. (Source: MacWorld)
Install Leopard, the Apple OS on a netbook? Some did it. (Source: MacWorld)

In the meantime, I'm going to stick an apple-shaped sticker on my netbook. That, nothing forbids it.


Finally, I discovered that the new ultra-portable MSI (not yet released in France, presented at CES of Las Vegas) are strangely similar to MacBook Air ... it leaves you dreamy.

Le netbook MSI X-Slim 320 a un petit air de MacBook Air. (Source photo: Journaldugeek.fr)
The netbook MSI X-Slim 320 has a look of MacBook Air. (Photo source: Journaldugeek.fr)

  Between Two Journeys