Diving in the Red Sea. Hamata, Egypt, November 2011.

The color of the coral


  Egypt: Hamata - Red Sea - November 2011

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The Red Sea is blue, all right. But beneath the surface, it's an explosion of colour, when you flash the soft corals. Reds, yellows and hot pinks, photogenic at best!


In English, we call them soft corals ; in French, soft corals or alcyonaires - more elegant term, but less speaking. Contrary to appearances, the alcyonaries belong - like everything that is coral - the animal and non-plant kingdom.

Diving in the Red Sea. Hamata, Egypt, November 2011.

Diving in the Red Sea. Hamata, Egypt, November 2011.

The advantage is that these animals do not flee at your approach and have in addition to pretty colors, bright and shimmering, intense red-pink to bright yellow, which are revealed in the light of flashes.

Diving in the Red Sea. Hamata, Egypt, November 2011.Of course, these are popular topics for underwater photographers ...

So I continue my small series of underwater photos brought back from Egypt, during this stay in late November organized by the Small sub photo forum.

We dived at sites near Hamata and Wadi Lahamy, south of Marsa Alam.

Overall, on the ten or so sites that we explored, I do not have the impression that there were many colonies of alcyonaires. Most of the time, they were potatoes and flats of hard coral, composing incredible underwater landscapes, peaceful or tormented, conducive to ambience dives, especially since the visibility was excellent.

However, I managed to put a little color in my images, over the dives, thanks to some well chosen alcyonaries ...

Diving in the Red Sea. Hamata, Egypt, November 2011.



  Egypt: Hamata - Red Sea - November 2011

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  1. Aesthetic, pictorial and poetic emotions by looking at these photos!
    I find very beautiful that we call "alcyonaires" these splendid corals, preferable to "moux", which refer to caramels of the same name!
    Alcynium in Latin means sea foam, it 's also a fabulous seabird symbol of peace and calm, feelings that we must probably feel in the sea bed 🙂
    Kudos to the photographer 😉

  2. By the way, soft plural, it would rather be with an S, and not an X?
    Have found in the dico this little funny sentence that could be a mnemonic ... Soft x-rays!
    Once again, I reiterate my admiration for so much underwater beauty 🙂

  3. @Ysbilia: Delighted to share some of my underwater emotions with the photo. For the fôôôte, the proximity of the X of "corals" has contaminated the following word ... It is corrected !!!

  4. These photos are sublime and dream, especially as the winter of Quebec is approaching!

  5. totally agree with block 18! in the same state of mind that's why I first "tried" to take pictures of perfectly still sponges 😛
    Very nice pictures anyway ❗

  6. Great pictures! The colors are beautiful, I guess you did the white balance underwater with a grey card? And I didn't know what "alcyonics" were, thanks for contributing to my general underwater culture 🙂

  7. @ Bloc18: Absolutely.

    @A door on two continents: Thank you!!! 🙂

    @Laurence: Sponges have the good taste to keep the pose... 😆

    @Xtinette: A "rainbow", let's not exaggerate. There were only a few sites, only, offering a beautiful profusion of colorful alcyoniums 🙂

    @Thib: Thanks Thib ! No, no white balance, for this kind of pictures, since they are made with flash, mixing artificial and natural light. The flash is almost like daylight, it reproduces the true colors. White balance is only to be used in natural light underwater. 🙄

  8. Your photos are very beautiful ... The marine fons contain real treasures for the eyes. I myself am passionate about the sea. I did not know any alcyonarians who are really beautiful.

    Good continuation 🙂