ELLE 2011 Bloggers' Grand Prix

ELLE 2011 Bloggers' Grand Prix

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  Between Two Journeys

Pleasant surprise: my Bubbles Underwater & Beyond are selected for the 2011 ELLE Bloggers Grand Prix, in the Travel category! It's up to you to vote, by clicking on the little heart, until December 2nd.

Vote until December 2

ELLE 2011 Bloggers' Grand Prix.

It's nice, I admit. I did not ask for anything, I did not register anywhere. But SHE selected me for her 2011 Bloggers' Grand Prix.

It was by an e-mail received on Tuesday that I learned that my Bubbles Underwater & Beyond were among the 10 blogs chosen in the Travel category. Not very proud.

The vote of Internet users counts, in the final choice of the jury. If you like Bubbles Underwater & Beyondyou are therefore urged, dear readers, to click on the banner below, then on the little heart in the page that will open:


The system is not very practical: you must then validate your vote, by clicking again in the link we receive by e-mail. (By the way, they are building up a huge mailing file, at SHE.)

We can only vote once a day. Normal.

But what biases the thing is that there can only be one voter by IP address ... I realized at the office. Some of my colleagues, well-intentioned and ready to click (too cool), saw the message: "You have already voted today. Yes, all computers share the same connection ...


Well, that said, you who do not rub with me, you have the right to click every day, from home or work, until December 2!

I am not a beast to contest

In truth, I am not particularly the type to run for blogging contests. I do not like asking for clicks all the time ...

Of course, I'll do a little stimulus on Facebook and Twitterbut not too much either. It pollutes the walls, begging for votes, like that. And then it can annoy, in the long run.

Nevertheless, after Glamour and Marie Claire in 2009 and then the Info Cup in 2010, this blog will end up posing as a contest beast ... Even if, by not wanting too much to ask for clicks, I have the art to finish eternal second!

This time, as in Marie Claire, maybe I can hope to finish at the top of my category, namely Travel. But the jury's final choice will probably be on a Beauty, Fashion or Cooking blog ... We're at home SHE, anyway. I do not care a bit, at the same time. I am already very happy to think that this competition should make it possible to discover Bubbles Underwater & Beyond to new readers.

As for the lots (Olympus compact cameras), I confess that they do not fascinate me especially, since I am already more than very well equipped with my Canon Eos 7D and some valuable goals. In fact, the idea of being in the SHE December 23 tickle me much more, I admit ...

But I will not sulk my pleasure. I play the game! From where this post and this call to the clicks ... To your good heart, gentlemen-ladies! (And I'll take you back to Indonesia in the next article, promised.)


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. It's nice to vote with both hands, mademoiselle or madame "the other girl", but it will never make a single vote! That all those who appreciate, and rightly, this blog, think to vote with regularity, every day! 🙂

  2. @The other girl : Two hands ? It's two clicks, that ... If more is discreet, it's perfect! 😆

    @Ysbilia: I feel like I'm going to have a fan club in the Basque Country ... 😉

    @Fabrice: Thank you Fabrice, it's nice. I assure you, I'm not very competitive with me either. But hey, I'm not going to pretend I'm not interested either ... 🙂

  3. sometimes we do a little palm in the morning to get in shape, today it will be a little click for the little bubble .... And hop, one more! Attention Argentina is tailgating, but for now you still hold your head ... .. because you're worth it!

  4. @isaM: Thanks thanks thanks !!! Such support is precious ... 🙂 I can see that Argentina is coming back, but I hesitate to flood my Facebook wall with new calls to vote. People will end up unsubscribing if I harass them with that ... 😆

  5. @Gauthier: Nice, thank you very much !!! 🙂

    @Manta: Absolutely. This is the same principle: we must continue to vote, day after day. That's the hardest thing, getting people to come back and click. Many thanks for your support, it's really nice !!! 🙂

  6. Your reminders are not useless, because sometimes you admit to spending a day. I hope you'll be able to drink them, your bubbles, and drink to the health of all your supporters. Argentina is close behind. One more week..

  7. Me too, I hope you'll be able to drink bubbles! 😉 Especially after these days of suspense: Your little bubbles are getting ahead, and hop, Argentina is back!
    Funny to imagine on both sides of the faithful supporters who come click regularly ...

  8. Ah Mademoizelle, it might be the moment to mobilize the regulars of the site for the votes to finish, noting that it does not generate spam (I checked), it takes 20 seconds and it takes to do every day.

    Two simple and complementary methods: first a reminder article that is natural and legitimate (we are on the 28th, happy birthday myself, and it ends on the 2nd), then an email to all addresses retrieved via precisely these comments (go through the back office) saying that it would be nice to do it, attaching the direct link and explaining the click and confirmation. Hmm ... it's up to an hour or so, according to my WordPress experience.

    It would be a shame to have the sprint win.

    Well the hello of a Dinannais South, congratulations for this site, and probably a direct contact soon.

    Denis, ardent supporter

  9. Totally in agreement with Denis, the bites never hurt and it's true that it's funny to see the rising scores, which are still on top of Argentina (but showing strength and resistance). While you are in Egypt, you have supporters who continue to vote (me, I stick a post-it on my computer, it's convenient!). Come on, courage, we follow that closely.

  10. @all: Oh dear, if you knew ... I have a hard time connecting from Egypt. There is only one poor 3G key that trains for all the hotel ... Impossible to publish even a post. The interface admin takes a long time to appear (when she wants to appear). I do not even know where the votes are tonight ... Her page is incomplete. So, I can only count on your mobilization to all! 🙂

  11. Attention, the gap is reduced, it is necessary to mobilize the reserve for the final sprint! Happy birthday Denis, I recognized you: you have resources, this is not the time to jam the bubble two days before the arrival!

  12. O sagacious Tutu, the bubble was decoined two days ago, it seems, what should confirm on the one hand, attentive Pyréenne, and, in view of differential applied, a logarithmic Palmipec (as diatonic orthoryninque ).

    But alas, yes, three times yes (and then a no, two and I hold seven), I note a very strong archimedic thrust although delayed (D + 2, it looks like La Poste). All diantrement, especially - and even without doubt - more promised to last.

    The exercise at the last top is -53, a sudden +36 between 12:51 and 19:53 to the competition; against the very soft +9 of the philophylactery team. The greenhouses recur. And conversely, Argentina counting.

    Also, because the time is serious and it is necessary to agree, in dry and dieze irae. In any sub-aquatic sub-equation, I therefore commit everyone to play snorkel in their ecosystem.

    Having been a birthday, I am momentarily tragically old and weary. Like a Cyber Cherry Fukushima tsunami with periwinkles, I doubt to bloom again.

    Ego scrypton (- me kekilabu?)

  13. I see a 732 against 745 this morning, which in my opinion is (very) suspicious and does not correspond at all to natural evolutions between 20h19 yesterday and 10h09 at the moment. Of the 53 points of advance yesterday, 40 have disappeared. 80 votes since 19h53 last night.
    This is a classic case of scale applied.

    To put it more clearly, in less than a day, from 12:51 yesterday to 10:14 today, the daily vote went from 56 votes / day for Bubbles and 65 for Argentina (this from 28 to 29) at & #8230 ; 49 votes / day against & #8230; 114 (from 29 to 30). Votes made in the night apparently.

    (Oh yes, people are not in front of their computer at night 🙂 This is logically bogus addresses with change of IP.I suspect the manipulation to be used in other categories with regard to differences in score. But here, it's obvious.)

    There are two solutions.

    The honorable one, that is to say, do what I did, mobilize the people you know. Do it really. This can also for Corinne be send an email to colleagues who can obviously vote from home. This can also happen very quickly through social networks. Do you have children? They have Facebook pages? Forward. It's going very fast.

    The other method is dishonorable, it is precisely the one I suppose to face: create serial phoney addresses and change IP address. Not sure but likely. There are several solutions for this, and each address can vote.

    In between, there is also the possibility to contact Elle to check. The use of such a method that would be unfair is signed on the one hand
    - by the regular rhythm of the votes on a duration "n" (one of the artisanal methods is to unplug / reconnect his freebox to change IP ... ah well it is necessary to wait for the nag to leave again - so it starts, it stops, it stops vote every 2 minutes ... to simulate 50 votes, so it spreads over 2 hours and more (*)
    - and probably by the use of few mail services (typical radicals @ free.fr; @ gmail.com; @ hotmail.fr; etc - even bizarroïdes).

    Someone wants to do it? Make contact to see with Elle? You can tell them at the same time that the same manipulation is suspected in other categories where the score contrasts are not natural and that it may well discredit them.

    In all likelihood, there will be a re-release tonight. The cheater that you probably have in front, will probably reuse his method by adding to make good weight of new false addresses and a little more ability if he read me. In any case, the harm is probably done in his case.

    The question is first of all: mobilize or not. As I said to Guy T. (on my assumption), I can not "invent" votes. It's not in my code of ethics. I mobilized and the impact was visible. If you do the same, it's normal enough.


    (*) Even if it is more serious, the same features are visible with a software help. You must still type the address, click, confirm, disconnect the mail service, restart another etc.

  14. From Egypt, where I am at this moment, I say a thousand thanks again to all for your mobilization and your support !!!

    @Denis: Well, even if there is cheating in the face, it's not a drama ... it's just a game after all! It's nice to win, at this kind of thing, only if you really manage to mobilize people. What my little blog manages to do despite everything !!! 🙂

    So, we all continue to vote, to mobilize, to vote family and friends ... See you on December 3 for the final result! We believe in !


    PS. To make you wait, some underwater photos taken in Egypt, at the end of this link -> http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2773036164666.154366.1220901301&type=1&l=4a320c891e

  15. It's me, Denis. I followed with a passion of a kid (that I'm not quite) this duel between the two leading blogs. I noted each day, and almost every hour, the progress of the scores and the gap. Last night I went to bed late, reassured for Corinne: 716/663, 53 points ahead.
    I wake up early this morning and discover 735/730: the gap fell to 5 pts! Stupor and incomprehension. Which troop of reserve intervened massively? Magic of the night or tactics of Sioux?

    Tonight I read you, Denis. I would be unable, technically, to carry out (?) Such an operation; morally, even less. Yet a "deus ex machina" seems to have intervened, and the passion has fallen.

    Corinne, philosopher, declares "if ..., it's not a drama, it's just a game after all". Bravo for sportsmanship. But for kids like me, "it's more of a game! And the enchantment goes away. Already for Santa it hurt, but there!

    "Grouchy? It was Blücher! Victor Hugo, an old man, a bit like Santa Claus.

    Let's wait until the end, to the loyal I hope, after all. Will I wake up happy tomorrow? But it's already tomorrow, I vote and sleep.

  16. and one more ... .. to the fair as say Denis, Papseudo and as most certainly think the x supporting the bubbles that make you arrive at 740 votes (Dec. 1 at 12h). The game is the game and the important thing is not to know that we have been there to support you? I will only be able to vote once, but I will do it. Promised!

  17. Finally understood by reading your comments why my children and my husband could not vote ... and accused me of using their email address !!!!!!!!!!
    The good side of the story is that I will be able to exculpate myself 😀

    But the assumption of cheating really distresses me. But that certainly did not prevent me from making my little daily vote 🙂

  18. No, I do not think there is cheating, but probably people who like the competing blog and vote from Argentina and there is a jet lag, and it is the night that their clicks add up.
    Let's all make lots of little bubbles in the last wave and let's get a tidal wave of clicks !!

  19. Denis' demonstration was a deterrent, apparently, as no distortion of votes was found last night.
    Jet lag is indeed plausible, ysbilia, and soothing for the fairness of this exciting competition. It is necessary that the Earth applies to no longer drag on the road as in the night of 29 to 30: our days are already so short!

  20. C m1tenan kil fo voT !!! Sent lassoce! If bubble pert ...... mwa Gkri has L !!!
    C Tro Dgoute
    Dgueu LA TRICHE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tmtc the fami

  21. The best has won, quality and morals are saved, this contest was exciting until its end.
    Thank you and congratulations Corinne!

  22. What an unbearable suspense !!! 😆

    Well, it's December 3rd, but the voting module is still active ... So as long as we can click, eh ... click!


    Otherwise, for now, she does not react. It will likely be necessary to wait for the decision of their jury to know the names of the winners by categories (it seems that the number of clicks is not the only criterion). When? Mystery.

    But we do not care, because I think I can decree that my Little Bubbles Elsewhere have won the great competition of solidarity and mobilization! And that's great!


    To all: a huge thank you for your daily support and all your encouragement, here or on Facebook, which touched me a lot. I still can not believe I managed to gather so many people around my blog. I got into the game, and obviously you too ... So, it does not matter if I win "officially" or not at this contest. You are amazing !!!


  23. 11am and dust. I will not be the 1000th. I have exhausted my daily vote tonight at 00:03! But that the votes are still open the day after the closing, it's still a bit nonsense! Anyway, I enjoyed participating in your success, I got into the game ... What a marathon! Bravo Corinne, it is your bubbles that proudly cross the finish line and rightly arrive at the top!
    PS - Cuckoo Manta ... see you soon

  24. Ah la la .... it annoys me ... There is yet a regulation no?
    Anyway, "Little Bubbles Elsewhere" is the best Blogs !!!!! NA !!!!!!!

  25. yes, there is a "little malfunction" in the regulation or management of the site, but we know that Friday, December 2 at midnight, "little bubbles" was in the lead, and then, well, let us rejoice, she won, gathered a lot of readers and sympathizers around her blog, and that's the essential: -
    Congratulations to the "little bubbles", his blog is exciting, in every way, content, content, quality of layout, images, texts, etc, etc.
    We expect new bubbles always sparkling and bright.
    Congratulations again. 😉

  26. I really think that the solidarity and enthusiasm generated by this contest have been remarkable: it is for me the great success of Petites Bulles and all its fans and what must be its pride.
    Thank you to Corinne for allowing us to share these moments and thank you for continuing to make us dream through this blog.

  27. Finally news! As I said, I am delighted to have mobilized so many people around my Little Bubbles Elsewhere. Another big thank you to all for your support !!!

    Finally, the "blow of heart" of the ELLE jury will have been for the blog Two Traveling Birds, which makes us at this moment discover Thailand, which I like so much ... Bravo!

    I give you below the email that I received this Tuesday:


    The long-awaited hour of the results of the 2011 ELLE bloggers' Grand Prix has arrived. I do not make you languish any longer, here is the list of our 13 laureates:

    Let's start with the 12 favorites of the editorial team:

    Fashion: A truly intriguing subject
    Chronicles: The Michauré
    Cuisine: I want to be good
    Beauty: Facade remodeling
    Drawings: A lizard in Madinina
    Creations: Cabinet with hacks
    Mothers: But why do I become a damn mother ??!
    Society: Pay your precarious
    Sex: Tchiiip !!!
    Literature: Lectrices and the city
    Travel: Two traveling birds
    Cinema: Barbara makes her cinema

    And the winner of the price of Internet users:

    Reviews: Food'amour

    Laureate or not, we would like to congratulate you, first of all for being selected, and then for having campaigned with ardor!

    As the question about the awards night was often asked, here are some details that should enlighten you. There will be one in Paris on December 13, but it will only bring together the 13 winners of the Grand Prix.

    Another big congratulations!

    Florence Chartier
    Community Manager

  28. It's you our winner of heart ... and worse, even if I like Thailand, the winner had very few votes and the blog is well purified and little diversified and commented ... I prefer yours!

  29. And so, it is the heart of the ELLE Jury that made the difference.

    It's a little frustrating all the same, the jury had to decide itself, without voting!
    One may wonder afterwards if this was not just a marketing and advertising operation for the magazine, but that the dice were loaded, that everything was played in advance.

    For me, for all of us, lovers of small bubbles, it is the blog of Corinne the winner for all the reasons that we have repeatedly mentioned (quality of text and images, diversity of topics, etc, etc ...)

    Of course it's only a game, but I have the unpleasant sensation of being duped! 😡

  30. @Manta: Thank you, Ms. Mantaleau! It touches me a lot ... 😉

    @Ysbilia: Yes, it was the principle: a "Jury's Choice" prize by category, and an "Internet" prize for the number of clicks. I thought that the number of clicks collected would also sensitize the jury in its choice, but no ... 😀
    For the rest, no surprise to have "after the fact" on this communication operation on behalf of ELLE: as I said in the article above, this kind of thing is a little done to constitute mailing-lists, so for marketing reasons, of course ... Nobody is fooled, let's see! It's just a quiz for bloggers, with its rules. After, we play or not ... Me, I wanted to play!
    I'm already really happy to have been selected, and then to have mobilized so many people around my little bubbles ... It's really fun! 🙂

  31. Yeah ... ..not prevent ... me, I admit that it annoys me a little ... because, I would have liked that "Little Bubbles" wins, and it would have been deserved ....