La plage de Dauin. Au fond l'île d'Apo. Le ciel s'éclaircit à l'horizon... (Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
The beach of Dauin. In the background, the island of Apo. The sky clears on the horizon ... (Negros, Philippines, February 2008)

Dauin, a paradise for divers


  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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A last photo today of the black sand beach of Dauin. You can see, deep down, the island of Apo. The sun is finally back ... the day of my departure, of course!

Frileuse, me?

La plage de Dauin. Le ciel s'éclaircit à l'horizon... (Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
The beach of Dauin. The sky clears on the horizon ... (Negros, Philippines, February 2008)

The gray weather persisted all the time of my stay in Dauin. It's not a big deal for dives, but all the same, a small ray of sunshine is always welcome to warm up when you get out of the water.

It may be at 27 ° C, as usual I'm a little dull at the return to the surface, despite my overlay lycra + combi + shorty.

I'm not the only one playing onion peels. Our guides and customers who have their own combi do the same. The most cautious and fragile of the ears even wear hoods, scarves and other protective headbands.

Diving in Dauin and Apo Island

The dives here are the most spectacular of all the ones I made during this Philippine trip. The corner is alive with life. There is a lot of poiscaille and a variety of sites that allows you to alternate diving muck (on sand), drift dive, drop offs, reefs ... A real festival.

Endormie sur les coraux d’Apo, une grosse tortue dresse la tête à mon approche. (Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
Asleep on the corals of Apo, a big turtle raises the head at my approach. (Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
Un magnifique petit poisson-crapaud (antennaire) clown. (Apo, Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
A beautiful little toad fish (antennal) clown. (Apo, Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
Un hippocampe de belle taille, déniché lors d’une plongée à Dauin. (Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
A seahorse of good size, found during a dive in Dauin. (Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
Ces syngnathes rayés (même famille que les hippocampes) vont toujours par paire. Notez les œufs accrochés sous le ventre du plus gros. (Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
These striped pipefish (same family as seahorses) always go in pairs. Note the eggs hung under the belly of the biggest one. (Negros, Philippines, February 2008)

I did not stay long enough to explore all the sites. But I'm definitely going back. Maybe next year ? But preferably in March or April, just to be sure to have good weather all the time ...

Among the dives to do absolutely: those ofApo Island. It's simple, the first time, we do not know where to turn, so Apo sites are rich in fish and corals.

Be careful though, on the sites located east of the island, like Cogon, there are currents to decorate the nudibranchs ... But the sensation is quite exhilarating, especially when one is surrounded by schools of trevallies, groupers huge and suddenly popped a damn bumpy parrot.

Hard to take pictures at this place, with the current. If you see a beautiful nudi, not sure that the rest of the team stops too and wait the time of the development ... But there are other sites more protected from the current around Apo, west side, and there, we have the time to ask ourselves to rave about some nice creatures and draw them the portrait.

La grande banca de Sea Explorers à Dauin. (Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
The big banca of Sea Explorers in Dauin. (Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
La banca de Sea Explorers est parfaitement bien agencée pour la plongée. (Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
The banca Sea Explorers is perfectly well suited for diving. (Negros, Philippines, February 2008)

The center Sea Explorers with which I dive is very well organized and equipped in large bancas (the traditional boats with pendulums) powerful, which hold the swell and allow to quickly gain the different sites.

We decide to dives more or less from day to day. My favorite ones I've done: Apo Island, so, The Pier and Masaplod.

Nudibranchs everywhere

My compact camera being more adapted to photograph the "little" than for the images of environment, I gave myself to joy with the nudibranchs ... It is very simple, there is everywhere! For those who, like me, love these little sea slugs, Dauin is paradise!

(Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, February 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, février 2008)
(Negros, Philippines, February 2008)

The staff and guides are very caring. There are many photographic divers among the mostly German speaking clientele at the resort Pura Vida, affiliated to Sea Explorers, thatEldorado neighbour.

But I still find some French and I get along with Frédérique and Thomas, a very nice couple of Colmar, with whom I chat in the evening, with Hervé, around San Miguel. We immerse ourselves in the books of identification of nudibranchs, we tell stories of divers ...

  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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  1. Yes, #8230; We must come back one day !!! 😉

    I am at Cebu Airport, where there are some self-service computers. I'm waiting for my flight to Hong Kong and I kill time by strumming a little.

    No USB plug here, so no way to send new photos. But I will complete this story with one or two additional articles when I return to France.

    I will be back in Rennes on Tuesday. So see you soon!


  2. Hello Laurence,

    Yes, I'm back ... Still a little off, I must say. I had the luxury of a huge nap this afternoon. I'm fine, since I'm only going back to work tomorrow ... But in fact, I stupidly fell asleep on the couch. 😉

    I intend to post one or two more articles about the Philippines, but this time from Rennes, and I will also use it to give some practical information.

    I can already answer your question: the electrical outlets are of USA type, that is to say two small flat plugs close enough. There are adapters in the shops, it costs nothing at all in the 30 pesos. Otherwise, in the resorts they can lend you I think.

    Well, I'll have to work on sorting the photos and reporting on!!!

    See you soon, and good preparations! 🙂


  3. I think you have to be back, not too hard transition?
    Fortunately in Betagne as in Normandy it is very beautiful right now!
    Can you inform me about power outlets in Visayas, type europe, USA, UK?

  4. Thank you.
    Yes, the holidays are approaching, another 15 days to go. I leave less than you, only 12 days, but hey, we will enjoy it thoroughly !!!

  5. Hello Corinne,

    They are beautiful these nudibranchs! And even if the turtle is a little green I really like this framing, in the middle of soft corals.

    I just read that you did not have a good time, but I'm still waiting to read other travel anecdotes ...

    Good recovery, it must be painful with the jet lag ...


  6. Hello Marie-Angel!

    Yes, I feasted with all these nudibranchs & #8230; And I still have plenty of others in stock, hey hey! 😉

    As for the turtle, I know it is a little greenish, poor ... I was unfortunately a little limited, lighting issue, with my little built-in flash, and I had no opportunity to touch the colors on the spot. But now that I'm back, I have the software that goes well to fine tune my photos and I'm going to get down to business ...

    Otherwise, I had a lot of rain, indeed, but only the last week in Negros (Dauin-Dumaguete). It did not spoil the stay. There too, the weather is broken, "There are more seasons, my brave lady! ". The dry season has obviously been slow to arrive.

    And the 7 hours of lag & #8230; that, yes, we feel good, back. But hey, I'm not going to start complaining after such a nice trip! 🙂