Fighting roosters. Siquijor, Philippines, February 2008.

Fighting cocks in the Philippines: the video

  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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Crazy atmosphere in a cockfighting arena in the Philippines! This video was shot in 2008 on the small island of Siquijor, in the Visayas. Sensitive souls abstain.

Cockfighting: the video

In February 2008, I told you from the Philippines about my visit to the cockfighting arena from the village of Enrique Villanueva on the island of Siquijor. After the story and the photos, here is the video at last!

You will be able to get an idea of the overexcited (almost exclusively male) atmosphere that reigns around this arena of pissed-off gallinacs. It is obviously not a place frequented by sensitive souls or animal lovers. In the Philippines, these cockfights are very popular and are the subject of passionate bets. Some bet very big and leave more than feathers.

Updated, January 2018 : Forgive the poor quality of these images, shot in 2008 with a modest compact camera, with a video mode at only 480 or 640 pixels, I don't know anymore, at a time when 4K didn't exist yet and when the iPhone 3G was going to become the new fashionable technological gem?

The fight itself is very brief. Each cock has, fixed to the paw, a long curved and pointed blade, like a little sword. It is guessed sharp as a razor and carefully sharpened for the occasion.

The two cocks are presented to each other, held at arm's length or by the tail feathers by their respective owners. It is a matter of exciting a little bit the critters by approaching beak against beak. They are released for good in the arena when the amount of paris is balanced on both sides.

Then it goes really fast. A swirl of feathers, everyone's screaming and shaking behind the wooden bars. In a few minutes, it's over... One guy cleans the arena for the next fight, and it starts all over again.

To read also → Well sharpened feathers by my fellow Quebec journalist Marie-Julie Gagnon, who bounces on my article in her blog Taxi Brousse, to take stock of the situation of cockfighting in the world ...

  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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  1. Quelle ambiance de fou ! Je crois être passé par ce petit village, mais je n’ai pas eu la chance (et surtout le temps !) de voir ces gallinacés en pleine action dans l’arène 😉

    Nice editing anyway. I love music, which sticks very well to video!

  2. • In Thib> If I believe the story of your blog, you've necessarily gone through Enrique Villanueva, it's on the road to the East from Sandugan, a little before Salaagdong.

    Les combats de coqs sont organisés chaque dimanche, nous a expliqué Neal, notre guide de plongée qui s’est gentiment reconverti ce jour-là, pour moi et mes amis, en guide touristique. 🙂

    I had a lot of fun editing the sequences. I have tried to restore the best this atmosphere boosted with all these guys who make up the bets in every fight. Really amazing.

    Le plus drôle, en rentrant, c’était ce gamin à moto qui suivait notre camionnette, tenant à bout de bras un des coqs occis… Séquence parfaite pour la « chute » de mon petit montage vidéo! 😆

    Finally, for music, I used one of the small royalty free sequences provided by my editing software. After several tries, I realized it was the one that "stuck" the best. Your impressions comfort me in my choice!


  3. Hello Corinne
    I discover your blog.
    I find your video interesting.
    By cons music is not so suitable, in my opinion ...
    But I understand your little choice.
    Thank you in any case for this discovery.
    Basically, how would I say ... It's a bit bestial but I understand that this is a tradition.
    Je ne porterai pas de jugement, mais je ne pense pas en organiser chez moi 😉
    That's it, thank you, I continue to discover your journeys ...

  4. Bonjour Yves, et bienvenue! 🙂

    The music I chose is only in introduction and in conclusion, to bring a little offbeat touch and "play down" the cock fight. I can understand that you do not find it suitable.

    But my idea was to show, precisely, that what may seem "bestial" seen from here, is a distraction very banal and much appreciated there. For the guys who were with us, it was never anything more than a cool idea of "Sunday's outing".

    Bets are not officially allowed everywhere, but cockfighting is also raging in countries like Indonesia or Thailand, for example. Until then, I had not yet had the opportunity to witness this kind of "distraction". That said, I understand very well that we can find something unpleasant. The worst part of the case is less the blood of the fighting fowl than the huge sums lost by the punters. And they are numerous to ruin themselves.

    Enfin, rassure-toi, moi non plus je n’en organiserai pas chez moi… 😆

    Have a good trip on "Little Bubbles Elsewhere".


  5. This reminds me of the famous debate for or against bullfighting?
    I love to open the topic of conversation with friends. The passions are unleashed.
    Et pourtant… 😉

  6. One thing is certain: I will not open the debate here. The "for or against" are often the occasion of peremptory judgments and too reductive for my taste, especially on blogs ...

  7. To Marie-Julie:

    Je viens de lire ton article sur « Taxi-Brousse ». Très bon prolongement d’infos. Je vais de ce pas rajouter le lien dans le mien. 😉

    Finally, thanks for the link from Moby. I'll go and have a look. Perhaps an interesting track to get out of the hard drive a whole bunch of underwater videos that I have sounded but that I do not prefer to broadcast as is, for reasons of rights ...

    See you soon via blogs and have a good day!