Adorable, ce bébé couscous aux grands yeux étonnés ! (Weda, Halmahera, mars 2013)
Adorable, this baby couscous with big eyes astonished! (Weda, Halmahera, March 2013)

The eyes of the couscous baby

  Indonesia: Weda [Halmahera] + Bangka [Sulawesi] - March 2013

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Shrek's cat tenderizes you? Do you fall for wet eye pups? This cute little couscous from Indonesia should melt you.

Petit couscous au poil blanc. Weda, Halmahera, Indonésie, mars 2013.

They really have something, all. Something with the eyes, no? ... 😂

What's that, a couscous?

Yes, it's weird, like name. But nothing to do with semolina and Moroccan cuisine, eh ... I'm talking about the other couscous, the animal (which is also written kuskus or cuscus). The Wikipedia page herewill enlighten you on this exotic creature.

It's not a monkey or a squirrel, or even a cousin of tarsier of Sulawesi. It belongs to the family of marsupials like the koala and the kangaroo (and the famous Marsupilami).

I had already seen some big ones but a little far, stuck in the trees, to Raja Ampatin Indonesia last year. Adults, red and spotted, rather naughty.

During this new Indonesian stay of March 2013, on Halmahera IslandI was able to see a very young specimen, far more cute. Abandoned or fallen from the nest, it was collected by Adrian, the little boy of the owners of Weda Resort.

Le bébé couscous, blotti sur les genoux d'Adrian. Weda, Halmahera, Indonésie. Mars 2013.

Adrian and his father brought the baby couscous to the resort restaurant to show us, in the manner of marsupials who keep their little ones in a pocket: huddled on the stomach, under the T-shirt.

They also made him a nest in a box, waiting to be released in the jungle that surrounds the Weda Resort.

The star of the evening

This adorable ball of hair, with its small pointed snout, its round ears and its wide anxious eyes, softened everyone at mealtime.

We all take pictures of the beast, without putting the flash, to avoid frightening it too much. It's the star of the evening!

Le couscous est la star de la soirée ! Weda, Halmahera, Indonésie. Mars 2013.

It's really a funny thing. The hair is soft, the little hands clawed, the tail strange ... Long, hairless at the end, pink, it winds and allows the animal to cling to the branches of trees.

Le repas du couscous. Weda, Halmahera, Indonésie. Mars 2013.

We offer fruits with small couscous, which gradually grows bolder, and ends up parading on the table once satiated ...

What a pace!

Le petit couscous parade sur la table. Weda, Halmahera, Indonésie. Mars 2013.

I confess, I too can let myself be moved by baby seals and I love Shrek's cat. But the baby couscous, which peels his fruit with delicacy, watching me from the corner of the eye, makes me much more effect!

Le repas du couscous. Weda, Halmahera, Indonésie. Mars 2013.


  Indonesia: Weda [Halmahera] + Bangka [Sulawesi] - March 2013