All Asia, country by country
That's it, I fell for this book, spotted without the showcase of the Travel Bookstore, Rennes: "All Asia, country by country" Lonely Planet editions.

All Asia, country by country

  Between Two Journeys

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I have been coveting this book for several days. Its title, in big letters on a blue background, caught my eye directly: All Asia, country by country. Yesterday, on my way back from a report, as I was passing in front of the Travel BookstoreIn Rennes, I cracked. And I did well.

All Asia, country by country
That's it, I fell for this book, spotted in the window of the Librairie du Voyage, in Rennes: "Toute l'Asie, pays par pays" (All Asia, country by country) published by Lonely Planet.

I plunged into it with delight. It's a big book, but Lonely Planet had the good idea to make it in soft cover, for the French edition, which makes it easy to handle, to leaf through.

The photos are so beautiful, that we start by turning the pages for a long time, as soon as we have it in our hands. A superb invitation to travel through images! From Bhutan to South Korea, from India to Thailand, from Iran to Papua, from Nepal to Japan, it is Asia in the broadest sense that we explore.

A wise choice was made to put the men at the heart of the illustrations. There is often a look to catch your eye, which makes the pages very lively. A child suspended between blue sky and white sand on a rudimentary swing in the Philippines, saleswomen in front of their garlands of yellow flowers in Kathmandu, Chinese monks in scarlet robes frozen in full jump in front of a basketball basket, peasant women transplanting rice in Laos, the face ravaged by life of an old man in East Timor...

The layout is sober, clear and neat. About thirty authors have collaborated to the book. The texts go to the essential, give historical and social references, teach you a lot of things or refresh your memory, depending on your knowledge of this or that country. The book is subtitled "Reasons to leave"... As if I needed it!


And then there are maps (I love geography) and mythical roads (like in my article of the day before yesterday on the WanderLust interactive map). As well as a series of thematic articles at the end of the book, fascinating. Small extract:

The word Asia has different meanings for everyone. [...] There are, however, certain themes that unify Asia conceptually. We have highlighted several of these in the essays at the end of this book: the profound spirituality of a region that is the cradle of all the world's greatest religions; the importance of environments and their influence on lifestyles and traditions; the endless creativity of a pop culture that delights the world on screens, airwaves, and streets; and the tradition of adventurous travel that inspired this continent long before Marco Polo, that hippies and their backpacks revived, and whose vogue continues unabated.

In short, there is plenty to read and travel and dream about. The book, which has just been released, costs less than 30€. I think you get what you pay for, as someone else would say. Something to occupy pleasantly the long winter evenings, while waiting for the next departure.


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Mince alors… Tu te l’es déjà offert… Y en aurait pas un autre qui te ferait envie pour ton anniversaire?!! Bisous!

  2. Hélène, je suis désolé, je ne devrais pas mettre ce genre d’ouvrage en vitrine sachant que Corinne y passe fréquemment… 😳

  3. @ Thib: C’est loin, encore, Noël… Quoique. À Singapour, tu as quelques
    heures d’avance. 😀
    @ Marie-Net: Ça, je dois dire qu’ils savent y faire… 🙄
    @ Helen: Bah… Je vais bien trouver une autre idée. Je te dirai! 🙂
    @ Pac' : Bon, ben, la prochaine fois, je change de trottoir! 😆

  4. C’est évidemment très alléchant, et c’est un euphémisme; je vais craquer moi aussi lors de mon prochain passage à Rennes , j’irai dire bonjour à Ulysse!

    Au fait, est -ce que ce concept existe pour les autres continents, Toute l’Amérique du sud, pays par pays. par exemple?

  5. La librairie, c’est Arianenot Ulysses (though!).

    Je crois me rappeler que le concept est aussi décliné pour l’Europe, dans l’édition anglaise. Je vais farfouiller sur le web pour voir si Lonely Planet l’a étendu au continent latino-américain (que je sais cher à ton cœur) et je te dirai ça.

  6. Bon, et bien, je me permets de répondre alors, en tant que Libraire du Voyage 😉
    Malheureusement, seules (et c’est déjà pas si mal) l’Afrique, l’Asie et l’Europe sont concernées par ce genre d’ouvrage… Tous en anglais, sauf pour l’Asie…
    La suite viendra je l’espère… mais je n’ai pas d’infos ! 🙁
    Lonely Planet édite un ouvrage de ce genre sur tous les pays du monde, qui se nomme modestement “Petite Bible” mais il est beaucoup, beaucoup moins détaillé que les livres consacrés aux continents…
    There you are ...

  7. Merci Pascal! 🙂

    Quel bonheur, les réseaux web… La réponse arrive directement, fournie par un pro! Je n’ai pas encore eu l’occasion de feuilleter cette collection “Petite Bible du grand voyageur”. Faudra que j’y jette un œil pour les destinations qui m’intéressent.