All Asia, country by country
That's it, I fell for this book, spotted without the showcase of the Travel Bookstore, Rennes: "All Asia, country by country" Lonely Planet editions.

All Asia, country by country

  Between Two Journeys

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, click on the French flag below to access the original text:

I have coveted it for several days, this book. His title, in large letters on a blue background, directly caught my eye: All Asia, country by country. Yesterday, on the return of a report, while I went back to the Travel Bookstorein Rennes, I cracked. And I did well.

All Asia, country by country
That's it, I fell for this book, spotted without the showcase of the Travel Bookstore, Rennes: "All Asia, country by country" Lonely Planet editions.

I plunged in with delight. It is a large format book, but Lonely Planet had the good idea to do it in soft cover, for the French edition, which makes it easy to handle, leaf through.

The photos are so beautiful, we start by turning pages long, as soon as we have it in our hands. A superb invitation to travel by image! From Bhutan to South Korea, from India to Thailand, from Iran to Papua, from Nepal to Japan, it is Asia in the broadest sense that one explores.

Judicious choice was made to put men at the heart of the illustrations. There is often a look to hang yours, which makes the pages very lively. A kid suspended between blue sky and white sand on a rudimentary swing in the Philippines, saleswomen in front of their garlands of yellow flowers in Kathmandu, Chinese monks in scarlet dress frozen in full swing in front of a basketball hoop, peasant farmers transplanting rice in Laos , face ravished by the life of an old man in East Timor ...

The layout is simple, clear and neat. Thirty or so authors have contributed to the book. The texts go to the essential, give historical and social references, you learn a lot of stuff or refresh your memory, according to your knowledge of this or that country. The book is subtitled "Reasons to leave" ... as if I needed it!


And then, there are maps (I love geography) and mythical roads (like in my article on the day before yesterday on the interactive world map WanderLust). And a series of thematic articles at the end of the book, fascinating. Small extract:

The word Asia has different meanings for everyone. [...] Some themes nevertheless unify Asia conceptually. We have highlighted several of them in the essays at the end of this book: the deep spirituality of a region, cradle of all the world's greatest religions; the importance of environments and their influence on lifestyles and traditions; the endless creativity of a pop culture that pleases the world on screens, on the air and in the street; and the tradition of adventurous journeys inspired by this continent long before Marco Polo, which the hippies and their backpacks have revived, and whose vogue is undeniable.

In short, there is something to read and travel and dream. The book, which has just been released, costs less than 30 €. I think you get what you pay for, as the other person would say. What to occupy nicely the long winter evenings, waiting for the next departure.


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. Slim then ... You've already offered it ... Would not there be another one that would make you want for your birthday? !! Kisses!

  2. Hélène, je suis désolé, je ne devrais pas mettre ce genre d’ouvrage en vitrine sachant que Corinne y passe fréquemment… 😳

  3. @ Thib: It is far, still, Christmas ... Although. In Singapore, you have some
    heures d’avance. 😀
    @ Marie-Net: Ça, je dois dire qu’ils savent y faire… 🙄
    @ Helen: Bah… Je vais bien trouver une autre idée. Je te dirai! 🙂
    @ Pac ': Bon, ben, la prochaine fois, je change de trottoir! 😆

  4. It is obviously very attractive, and it is an understatement; I will crack too during my next visit to Rennes, I will say hello to Ulysses!

    By the way, does this concept exist for other continents, All South America, country by country. for example?

  5. The bookstore is Arianenot Ulysses (though!).

    I think I remember that the concept is also adapted for Europe, in the English edition. I'm going to search the web to see if Lonely Planet has extended it to the Latin American continent (which I know dear to your heart) and I'll tell you that.

  6. Bon, et bien, je me permets de répondre alors, en tant que Libraire du Voyage 😉
    Unfortunately, only (and it is already not so bad) Africa, Asia and Europe are concerned by this kind of book ... All in English, except for Asia ...
    La suite viendra je l’espère… mais je n’ai pas d’infos ! 🙁
    Lonely Planet publishes a book of this kind on all the countries of the world, which is modestly called "Little Bible" but it is much, much less detailed than the books devoted to the continents ...
    There you are ...

  7. Merci Pascal! 🙂

    What happiness, web networks ... The answer comes directly, provided by a pro! I have not yet had the opportunity to browse this collection "Little Bible of the great traveler". I'll have to take a look for destinations that interest me.