Smoking kills: pack of Thai cigarettes.

The packets of cigarettes that kill serious

  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, click on the French flag below to access the original text:

On cigarette packs sold in Thailand, ugly photos show you the consequences of smoking. Smoking kills ... or worse. Effective, these images?

Hard to say. I continued to smoke happily during my little Thai vacation, despite this disgusting packaging.

Must say that at less than 70 baht package (less than € 1.50) in Thailand, the economic argument has little effect on a French vacationer smoker, any diver she is.

My last stop was this summer in Bali. In Nusa Lembongan, after several unsuccessful dives, I promised that if I saw a mola-mola, I would stop smoking. Eh yes.

The Balinese Gods and Poseidon have had the infinite goodness to grant my wish. I met these big, very wanted, moon fish three times! So I quit the cigarette, as promised, sometime.

But not very long. Back in France, I took again as before. No mola-mola on the horizon to remind me of my promise.

It was not my first attempt. And here I am preparing for the next ... I'm going to stop again, very soon. Perfectly. The date is fixed. That way, I'll have nice airy lungs and lots of money to dive this summer.


  Thailand: Islands - February 2009