Smoking kills: pack of Thai cigarettes.

The packets of cigarettes that kill serious

  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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On cigarette packages sold in Thailand, you can see some very ugly pictures showing you the consequences of smoking. Smoking kills... or worse. Effective, these pictures?

Hard to say. I continued to smoke happily during my little Thai vacation, despite this disgusting packaging.



It must be said that at less than 70 baht a pack (less than 1,50€) in Thailand, the economic argument has hardly any effect on a smoky French holidaymaker, any diver that she is.

My last stop was this summer in Bali. In Nusa Lembongan, after several unsuccessful dives, I promised that if I saw a mola-mola, I would stop smoking. Eh yes.

The Balinese Gods and Poseidon were infinitely kind enough to grant my wish. I met these big, much sought-after sunfish three times! So I stopped smoking, as promised, for a while.

But not for long. Back in France, I went back to the way I was before. No mola-mola on the horizon to remind me of my promise.

This was not my first attempt. And now I'm getting ready for the next one... I'll stop again, very soon. That's right. The date is set. That way, I'll have nice airy lungs and plenty of money to dive this summer.


  Thailand: Islands - February 2009

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  1. I can assure you that stopping smoking has no effect on your air consumption. Except maybe in case of effort.
    But it's still good to stop.

  2. I love the Thai fag packets... let's just say it's taken so far that it's not believable at all!
    My favorite game is to have my picture taken with the chicos picture in front of my mouth.

    I don't know if it reduces air consumption... I never stopped!

  3. @Denis: Yes, I know, paradoxically it's even the opposite: smokers often have a better consumption under water than non-smokers. And even, it happens that we consume more air than usual, at the beginning, when we stop smoking. I don't care, I have a "normal" consumption for a woman, the goal is not to suck less air underwater, but to be in better shape and save money... (By the way, let me take my hat off to you for your own tenacity in quitting smoking.)

    @ Marie-net: No, it doesn't really reduce air consumption, but who cares? It's going to be good for my body and my wallet, that's what I care about. I also had a lot of fun with these Thai packages. The funniest one is the one with the snags: before, the inscriptions were placed differently, so that the opening of the package fell right in the middle of the rows of disgusting teeth. So, you could do a ventriloquist act and make this ugly mouth "talk", by opening/closing the package...

  4. In Quebec too we have horrible pictures on cigarette packages! It must be said that here, smokers are becoming rarer and rarer... I always have a shock when I go to Europe. Everybody smokes! Courage for the next attempt 😉

  5. @ Marie-Julie: Yes, I have the opposite shock, when I find myself in the presence of "too healthy" people, like right-thinking Americans or athletic Scandinavians, who look at me with indignation or pity when I take out my pack of cigarettes less than a meter and a half away from them and who pretend to cough when we are in the open air... I'm going to hang on to succeed in this new attempt, I'm determined (yes, I can), but I swear I'll never turn into an anti-smoking terrorist... It's hard to make people who don't smoke or who have never smoked understand that smoking is also a pleasure.

  6. Yeah, well, except for Marie julie, the other comments don't encourage you much!
    I say BRAVO!!... You have to stop several times according to what they say to really stop!... In any case, I am proud of you, and I encourage you!...
    So, yes, stop, not necessarily to breathe better underwater ... even if it is true that it would be a means of motivation, but for your health! Because, even if you do not arrive at the state of the images of Thai cigarettes, I believe that it is not very recommended ... And then, you will save money!
    Kisses !!

  7. Ah, now that's saving money... Last summer, fifteen months of downtime paid for three round trips to the Indian Ocean! But I forbid myself to come back to Bali because I'm sure I'll fall for the kreteks 😉

  8. @ Pascal K: Your example motivates me to no end!!! Three return trips!!! Sure, I'm quitting for good. This time, it's the right one.