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Do you know the Philippines?

  Between Two Journeys

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The Philippines, you see where that is? That's where I'll be soon, very soon... in 23 days!

I don't know much about the Philippines. I've never set foot there. Right now, I'm snooping around on the web, trying to get some information. It's like this:

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The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7000 islands ... For this trip of twenty days, I will be content with a group of islands located in the center, the Visayas, renowned for their dive sites.

To be continued…

  Between Two Journeys

  Philippines: Visayas - February 2008

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  1. Hello again,

    I just sent you a message on your blog, and here I see this message. So from what I know of the Philippines, it is by my best friend who works there and went diving in Palau.
    5 of the 20 sites considered to be the most beautiful in the world would be in Palau!

    In any case, we envy you and wish you a good trip.

  2. @ dekkiche:

    Hello Eric,

    I received your message, thank you!

    I will not go through Palau for this first getaway in the Philippines, but it is a place where I dream to dive one day ... All the reports I read about Palau are extraordinary. Your friend is very lucky to have soaked his fins there!

    In any case, I can not wait to leave. I have roughly defined my itinerary, which will remain in the Visayas. I'll tell it in a future article ...

    See you soon !

  3. Congratulations Corinne for this new version of your blog: elegant, sober, pro! I really like.

    Bravo! Look forward to reading your next stories and see your photos.

    See you soon,

    Marie Ange

  4. To Marie-Ange:

    Many thanks for these compliments! I just found the new version of this theme WordPress, much more neat than the previous one. A nod to the author of the original design, Jide.

    I took the time to customize it for my taste, to rectify here and there some small details. I still have to check more closely the behavior of IE on some alignments.

    And you will note that I join you on the remark that you had dragged me by email: me too I prefer all the bamboo with the bubbles for the image of the header ... First, it is a photo personal, and then it's more elegant and less banal. In short, after testing different visuals, I come back to my initial choice ...

    So here I am almost ready to enrich the blog with stories and pictures to the height (I hope) of this brand new design.

    See you soon !

  5. Hello to you.

    For over a year now your site has given me the envy to go for more exotic dives.
    So I turn to Asia, and why not the Philippines ...
    For the moment I am more interested in total packing, transport / accommodation / diving, not yet the soul of the globetrotter that you are.
    For this my first idea is to turn to centers like UCPA (

    So I continue to search your blog for good ideas, and good plans.

  6. @ Algimax6: I had not visited Palawan during this 2008 trip, because the island is so vast that it deserves a trip to it all alone. That said, the reports of divers that I read on this island are more mixed than in other parts of the Philippines: apparently, Palawan is more for the "land" side than submarine. But she is also on my endless "to-do list"!