Good kissing clouds ...

Love from the clouds

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic translation made from a post originally written in French. My apologies for any strange sentences and funny mistakes that may have been generated during the process. If you are reading French, click on the French flag below to access the original and correct text: 

At the moment when you discover this message, I will be in the clouds, towards Asia ... The trip will be a bit long, since I had to juggle the specials of air fares, connections, availabilities and companies, to fly to Bali at a lower cost.

First double section on SriLankan AirlinesA flight from Paris to Singapore with a stopover in Colombo.

Second section on Valuair / Jetstara subsidiary of Quantas: a Singapore-Denpasar flight.

Good kissing clouds ...

I will be in Bali around 9:40 pm local time, Thursday, or 3:40 pm in France, maybe 2:30 pm? I don't know if the time difference is 6 or 7 hours... I'll tell you again!

I really only planned the arrival, with a booking email sent to a hotel in Kuta, which sends a guy to pick me up with the inevitable "Mrs Corinne" sign. This way I save myself the fatigue of the nightly rupee discussions with the taxi drivers of the airport. I'm in danger of getting loose, after those long hours of flying, because I can never really sleep in a plane sitting position.

I'll be right back to give you some news! Good kisses from the clouds.


  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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  1. How beautiful are these clouds! Where and when did you photograph them to make a painting of Nicolas de Stael? ❓

    From your porthole, will they be so amazing? but when you read me, you will be on the ground, and no doubt very tired and in ... "the clouds " !

    Good installation, Lydie.

  2. Ah, la fameuse escale à Colombo avec Sri Lankan… je connais bien !!! Pour une fois, je reviens cet été avec une escale à Amsterdam (KLM)…ça va me changer 😉

    Good landing (literally and figuratively) in Bali!


  3. @ Lydie: I take advantage, between two planes, of the computers and the web in free connection in Singapore (what is this airport) ... The sky that you see is a sunset in Sulawesi, taken from the island of Lembeh, in July 2007. A year ago !!! I am, by now, soon to return to Indonesia. I'm waiting for my last flight, the one that will leave me, finally, in Bali. I obtained "window seats" on each flight, which allows me to admire at leisure the clouds, the beautiful, the wonderful clouds, as the poet said, I do not know which one ... And from above yes, I find them even more stupid ..
    See you soon!

    @ Thib: thank you for this little message! For me, the stopover in Colombo is a first. It is not bad at all, like airport. But what I like above all with SriLankan Airlines are the lovely saris of the hostesses. Even before we take off, we are already deported ...

  4. At the time I write you this comment you must have already arrived !!! Here, the time is at "VIVA ESPANA" ...... And where Spain goes to the final of Euro 2008 ... .. ' imagine that it is the youngest of your concerns ... .But, it was the news of the evening in Geneva ... Horn, shouts, and Spanish flags invaded the city, I do not care a bit .... Why ... those are still my favorites against Germany ...
    Otherwise, I gradually get used to the idea of being on vacation ...... Highly Tuesday, it will be my turn to see the clouds ...... But, I'm not unhappy to have only a few hours of travel ... ..Because of you, the nights sitting ... .I have trouble, despite my eyeshades, my earplugs, my airbag and since this year my socks contention ...... I still can not to sleep in the plane ... ..What we earn at euromillions to travel in business !!!!!!
    I kiss you very very strong, good start of the holidays, rest and disillusion you !!!!!

  5. @ Helene:
    It's good to be back in Asia !!! It was good to endure those flying hours, really.
    Always the same frenesis in Kuta, but the beach is beautiful ...
    Happy holidays too!

  6. Oh dear, Jean-Paul !!!
    It only remains for me to open a fan club just for you.

    As I am here dealing with themes that are particularly dear to my heart (trip, diving, Asia), your "warm congratulations" touch me a lot. Thank you for this friendly nod.


  7. Corinne
    Congratulations for this site which is remarkably well done, a real pro site, clear, concise, beautiful pictures well highlighted, interesting stories, me who am "operator leader" profession (I did the IDHEC) I am impressed by the quality of your photos.
    Your work on this site confirms your professionalism that I knew great, continues, and I am convinced that one day, I hope it firmly, you will recognize your immense talent as a journalist, but also as webmaster.
    My warmest congratulations for your site worthy of "a great daily".
    jp teroy

  8. Ah! Corinne, I gradually discover your blog and am amazed by this world that is revealed to me almost at the same time as the computer! I am a little limp despite the indications of Lydia but I saw "these wonderful clouds" and as you were wondering about the poet, you've probably found since, but it's Baudelaire: "Astonishing traveler".
    Voyageuse, you are, I wish you an enchanting stay in Thailand, you really need it and you will come back full of beautiful images to share. very warmly. Michèle

  9. @Michele: Delighted to count you among my new netizens-readers !!! Ah, and a thousand thanks for the poet, I did not think about it anymore ... I'm going back to read Baudelaire this evening.
    I have not left yet, my next Asian trip (March 2010) will be in Indonesia, not in Thailand. I will reveal my exact destination in a future ticket. Looking forward to seeing you here, at the corner of my Little Bubbles elsewhere!

  10. @ Michele: For pleasure, then come back Baudelaire, and his beautiful, his wonderful clouds ...;

    Charles Baudelaire
    Small poems in prose, I (1869)

    The stranger

    - Who do you like best, enigmatic man, say? your father, your mother, your sister or your brother?
    - I have no father, no mother, no sister, no brother.
    - Your friends ?
    You are using a word whose meaning has remained unknown to me up to this day.
    - Your homeland?
    - I do not know under what latitude it is located.
    - The beauty ?
    - I would like it willingly, goddess and immortal.
    - Gold?
    - I hate him as you hate God.
    - Hey! what do you like, extraordinary stranger?
    - I like the clouds ... the clouds passing ... over there ... there ... the wonderful clouds!