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  Dominican Republic - January 2009

Dear English-speaking readers, this page is an automatic Google translation from a post originally written in French. My apologies for the weird sentences and the funny mistakes that could have been generated during the process. If you can read French, click on the French flag below to access the original text:

This press trip to the Dominican Republic is going strong. The days are so dense that I have not yet found the time to write a ticket! Here are some pictures, meanwhile.

Very "postcard", all that. But OK. Difficult not to succumb to the sublime landscapes of the coast.

And it seems incredible, but given the program we have concocted, I have not yet had the opportunity to swim in these azure waters ... Truth!

We are made heaps of fantastic walks ... by plane, quad, horseback. Not even time to laze on the beach! Not even going to see the reefs up close. I'll tell you that in a next post ...

Go, a little last, just to warm up with the rays of the setting sun ... ;-)

The sequel, very soon!


  Dominican Republic - January 2009

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  1. Thank you for these photos, it warms me on this Sunday afternoon ... It may be even help me to go to work tomorrow ... Yeah .. finally ... I would go so far ....
    The aerial photos you took remind me of the ones I made in Thailand when we also took a plane from Koh phi phi to Koh racha ...
    Good continuation!!!

  2. It makes me completely crazy when the organizers of the press trips do not leave us a single minute to give us at least THE PRINT of being on vacation. After all, to faithfully report the "feeling" of a place, you have to experience what is most appealing to tourists. And in the Dominican Republic, no doubt, it's idleness!
    That said, you still have the heat ... It's -17 in Montreal right now!

  3. @ Helene and Marie-Julie: Oh la la ... Not only I "galere" to find the time to connect (by + or - 27 degrees, yes, I know, it's very hard), but the, tonight, in the hotel where we have demenage, it's hard galere to simply connect ...

    There is only two old computers available with a "navigator" house ... No wifi for customers. See how it looks, I will tell you that trip differs more than live!

    Sunny kisses to both, and see you soon!


  4. Argh. To say that I could have been there rather than freezing them in Rennes ... It looks really nice and I envy you not to have to put on sweater hat and gloves to go out. And in addition you complain that the rhythm is supported! Good enjoy well before returning to cold Brittany. Biz Biz

  5. When I tell you that it is not easy to find wifi points ... even in hotels 3 or 4 stars ... so you understand my disarray sometimes on tour ... when we have to be content with a 2 stars which in addition n ' Have no internet !!! Go, go splash in the pool since you have no internet !!!!
    Big frozen kisses.

  6. @ FunnyWorld: C’est quoi, un bonnet? Ça sert à quoi, des gants? 😆
    Well, to console you, I bring you a bottle of rum. But you do not realize: in the tropics, it's hard to lead a steady pace of activity. But I'm complying with this very dense program. You know my professional conscience ... 8)

    @ Helen: Yes, you are absolutely right. For the internet, I end up less usual when I stay in a guesthouse ...
    Otherwise, no splash in the pool. I do not like that, I prefer salt water. In the day, there are only red tourists in shorts inside. And at night, it's better to avoid, there are "chemists" inside (I'll show you the picture of the panel: bad translation of the "chemistery" English, I guess, to talk about chemicals ... anyway, we laughed well).
    Big sunny kisses!