Tara au mouillage à Palawan. (Philippines, février 2018)
Tara at anchor at Palawan. (Philippines, February 2018)

Report in the Philippines aboard the scientific schooner Tara

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  Tara Pacific Expedition - February 2018

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Tara. Two syllables that roll from one side to the other... This is the name of an extraordinary boat, an oceanographic schooner that has been sailing for almost two years in the Pacific Ocean. On board, sailors and passionate researchers try to unlock the secrets of coral reefs.

Tara Pacific Expedition

Launched in 2016, this expedition, named Tara Pacific, will end in the fall of 2018. I had the chance to embark with a team of scientists and spend a week on board with them for a report, in February 2018.

I joined them in the Philippines, near the small island of Pangatalan, to discover the work of coral reef restoration carried out by the Sulubaai foundation, created by a French couple, before crossing the China Sea to Vietnam… An unforgettable adventure.

Upon my return, I wrote a series of articles for my media company Ouest-France, which were published in February and March 2018. Another one has been published in issue #15 of the French diving magazine Plongez ! (May-June 2018).

Article sur l'île de Pangatalan paru dans l'édition du soir (Ouest-France)
Article on the island of Pangatalan and the Sulubaaï foundation created by Fred and Chris Tardieu, published in the evening edition (Ouest-France).
Article paru dans le supplément La Mer Notre Avenir (Ouest-France)
Article published in the supplement La Mer Notre Avenir (Ouest-France)
Article paru dans dimanche Ouest-France.
Story printed in dimanche Ouest-France.
Mon reportage sur Tara Pacific dans le magazine Plongez ! (n°15, mai-juin 2018)
My report on the Tara Pacific mission, in the magazine Plongez! (n ° 15, May-June 2018)

To discover above, my report for the magazine Plongez! Eight pages in issue 15 of May-June 2018.

Here are the links to all the articles:

→ Tara Pacific examines coral to protect the ocean and humans
(Ouest-France special issue "The sea our future")

→ Live aboard Tara: a great human and scientific adventure
(dimanche Ouest-France)

→ They bought an island to save the coral
(the evening edition by Ouest-France)

→ Tara Pacific, an extraordinary expedition for coral
(Plongez ! Magazine #15 May-June 2018, printed or digital edition)

They bought an island to save the coral

"At first, we had the dream of erasing the damage caused by man on this island, sums up Frédéric Tardieu. Today it has become a struggle to make this tiny place on Earth a lung of biodiversity. "

Originally from Marseille, he and his wife Chris created the Sulubaai foundation in 2012 in the Philippines, a year after having set their sights on the small island of Pangatalan, near Palawan. At the age when others began to think about their retirement, they left everything in France to devote themselves to the restoration of the island, whose reef and vegetation were devastated.

In 2016, they managed to transform an area of around 40 hectares around the island into a protected maritime area (MPA), where fishing is prohibited. 

I tell the whole story in this article published on March 15, 2018 in the evening edition (Ouest-France), I give you the link here:

→ They bought an island to save the coral

To discover below, the video report on Pangatalan, produced during our visit by Noëlie Pansiot, flight correspondent for Tara :

UPDATE 2019. I also invite you to listen this episode of May 22, 2019 from the excellent podcast On the roads of Asia, who gives the floor to Fred Tardieu. He tells with an communicative enthusiasm the incredible adventure in which he and his wife embarked, helped by the young diver and marine biologist Thomas Pavy, to transform the island and obtain the status of marine protected area (MPA) around Pangatalan:

UPDATE 2020. The 20H of TF1 broadcast, Sunday, February 16, 2020, a report on Pangatalan and the current missions, driven by Fred Tardieu and the Sulubaaï foundation, in particular the repopulation of reefs thanks to post-larvae of fish. I put you below the video of the report published on Facebook by the company ECOCEAN, based in Montpellier and specialized in this field:

L'équipe de la Fondation Sulubaaï. De gauche à droite : le biologiste marin Thomas Pavy, les fondateurs Fred et Chris Tardieu, la manager Michèle Wey. (Philippines, février 2018)
The Sulubaaï Foundation team. From left to right: marine biologist Thomas Pavy, founders Fred and Chris Tardieu, manager Michèle Wey. (Philippines, February 2018)
Le récif de Pangatalan et les eaux environnantes sont désormais une aire marine protégée (AMP) grâce à la Fondation Sulubaaï. (Philippines, février 2018)
The Pangatalan reef and the surrounding waters are now a marine protected area (MPA) thanks to the Sulubaaï foundation. (Philippines, February 2018)
L'île de Pangatalan, près de Palawan, est redevenu un petit joyau tropical, grâce aux efforts de la Fondation Sulubaaï. (Philippines, février 2018)
Pangatalan Island, near Palawan, has once again become a small tropical gem. (Philippines, February 2018)
Au bout du ponton, à Pangatalan, la vie sous-marine reprend peu à peu ses droits, grâce aux efforts de la fondation Sulubaaï. (Philippines, mars 2018)
At the end of the pontoon, in Pangatalan, underwater life is gradually regaining its rights, thanks to the efforts of the Sulubaaï foundation. (Philippines, March 2018)
Le projet de bouturage de corail de la Fondation Sulubaaï à Pangatalan : le corail est fixé sur des supports en béton spécial, sans plastique ni produit chimique, appelés Les modules SRP. L’objectif principal est de reconstituer le récif endommagé ou détruit par la pêche à la dynamite. (Philippines, février 2018)
The coral cuttings project of the Sulubaaï Foundation in Pangatalan: the coral is fixed on special concrete supports, produced on site, without chemical products, called SRP modules (Sulu Reef Prothesis). The main objective is to reconstruct the reef damaged or destroyed by dynamite fishing. (Philippines, February 2018)
Les scientifiques de Tara découvrent en snorkeling le projet de bouturage de corail de la Fondation Sulubaaï à Pangatalan. (Philippines, février 2018)
Tara scientists discover in snorkeling the coral cuttings project of the Sulubaaï foundation in Pangatalan. (Philippines, February 2018)
Le biologiste marin Thomas Pavy, de la Fondation Sulubaaï, inspecte les boutures de corail fixées sur les modules SRP. (Philippines, février 2018)
Marine biologist Thomas Pavy, from the Sulubaaï Foundation, inspects the coral cuttings attached to the SRP modules. (Philippines, February 2018)
Le corail a recommencé à se développer sur le récif désormais protégé de Pangatalan. (Philippines, février 2018)
Coral has started to develop again on the now protected Pangatalan reef. (Philippines, February 2018)

Some other images of the adventure

This fantastic experience in the Philippines took me a little further, to Vietnam. Because after the stopover in Pangatalan, the schooner crossed the South China Sea earlier than expected and I stayed on board, which was not on the program, initially…

I thus discovered what it was like to spend several days on the high seas, on a sailboat with round hull, when one is not used to sailing at all… 🤮 😂 I will surely tell you that one day… 😎

Le voilier océanographique Tara vu d‘en haut, au milieu des récifs coralliens de l’archipel de Palawan. (Philippines, février 2018)
The oceanographic sailboat Tara seen from above, in the middle of the coral reefs of the Palawan archipelago. (Philippines, February 2018)
Tara au mouillage à Palawan. (Philippines, février 2018)
Tara at anchor in Palawan. (Philippines, February 2018)
Tara au mouillage à Palawan. (Philippines, février 2018)
The schooner at anchor in Palawan. (Philippines, February 2018)
L’équipe de Tara, toujours prête à se mouiller ! (Philippines, février 2018)
The team of Tara, always ready to get wet! (Philippines, February 2018)
Séance snorkelling pour observer les tables de corail dans les eaux de Palawan. (Philippines, février 2018)
Snorkelling session to observe the coral tables in the waters of Palawan. (Philippines, February 2018)
Fin de la traversée des Philippines au Vietnam. (Février 2018)
End of the Philippines crossing in Vietnam. (February 2018)

  Tara Pacific Expedition - February 2018