How to do the Asian Squat?

Crouching at the Asian

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Are you part of Westerners who know how to squat with Asian? Those who have already been to Asia know what I am talking about ... Most foreigners can not sit on their heels without losing their balance!

Video: How to do the Asian Squat

I just rediscovered this video: How to do the Asian Squat (How to squat with Asian). A funny little parody movie that compares the two ways to crouch.

The video is signed by an American author of Asian origin, Daniel Hsia. Some of you may already know it, because it's been a long time since it dates from 2002! I fell back on it, cleaning my favorites.

A comfortable position

In Asia, we squat willingly. Sometimes just to grab a bite, hit the chat or watch the street show. People sit on their heels, without putting the buttocks on the ground, well on the feet laid flat.

It is comfortable and stable, not tiring to hold, contrary to the position that most Westerners take, who perch on their toes.

Below, some images brought back from my trip to Vietnam in 2001.

For my part, I master theasian squat. It is a posture that I adopt easily and naturally in Asia, but here too.

In Angkor, Cambodia, February 2011.
In Angkor, Cambodia, February 2011.

Little anecdote

One day, in Rennes, while I was crouching like this, chatting outside in the street with colleagues at the cigarette break, an old lady stopped in front of me on the sidewalk. Without saying hello or anything, a little aggressive, she asks me directly if I have Vietnamese origins. I say no, but she insists, decreeing that I stand like the Vietnamese and that I have surely lived in Vietnam.

Not really, I tell him. I have been to Vietnam many times, but just on vacation. I have made many trips to Southeast Asia and just got used to it.

So, she begins to tell me her life. She lived in Saigon a long time ago. But she also begins to hold remarks that I find unpleasant, "reacted" and colonialist. Annoyed, I put an end to the conversation.

I do not know what memory I woke up that day with this old lady, who obviously remained in her head at the time of Indochina and French colonization. As for me, I remain an unconditional of theasian squat !


Cockfight in the Amed region, Bali. Indonesia, July 2008.
Cockfight in the Amed region, Bali. Indonesia, July 2008.
At Culik Market, near Amed, Bali. Indonesia, July 2008.
At Culik Market, near Amed, Bali. Indonesia, July 2008.

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