Sunset on the beach of Kuta. Bali.
Sunset on the beach of Kuta. Bali.

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  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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To fight against the spleen of the return, I walk again on the beach. That of Kuta-Legian-Seminyak. A huge and splendid tongue of gray sand, well packed, I love to travel in one direction, then in the other, until the time of the fabulous sunset.

Sunset on the beach

In the evening, when the last rays glow in the sky, families of Balinese come to dive, solitary surfers go to meet a last wave.

Sunset on the beach of Kuta. Bali.
Sunset on the beach of Kuta. Bali.


Games of wild football are organized between locals and tourists, while kids continue to challenge the wind with their kites.

It is also the time when one jogging, in the cool, along the waves. We see little girls who trotter valiantly and old beautiful burnt by the sun a little ridiculous.

Tourist, and so ...

Kuta Beach, with its street vendors, parade surfers and skewers of sun-baked tourists, is often decried by visitors seeking "authenticity". Still, I like it a lot, this beach.

It is so big that you never really get a feeling of crowds (if you do not stay sprawled on the sand among the clusters of other tourists). Surfing and surf schools are now fully part of the local "culture", and Balinese are the beginners.

Kuta Beach. Bali.
Kuta Beach. Bali.


In short, this very tourist beach is also a component of the "real" Bali, whatever you say. The huge rollers that break as far as the eye can see offer a superb show, which I never tire of.

Station with the rollers

On the sand, the atmosphere is relaxed, rather good child, very pleasant ... Just put his sarong at the edge of the wet sand and dry sand, or walk quietly foot in the water, not to be disturbed by the nice niggers who persist in wanting to sell you their trinkets.

Along Bali's Kuta Beach, red flags remind you that the sea is dangerous.
Along Bali's Kuta Beach, red flags remind you that the sea is dangerous.


Red flags, adorned with a beautiful skull, remind you of the moment when you run towards the waves, that the waves are treacherous by here. The best thing is to go for a swim in the supervised area.

Lifeguard lifeguard on Kuta Beach, Bali.
Lifeguard lifeguard on Kuta Beach, Bali.

Moreover, to be watched by lifeguards from here, frankly, it's not unpleasant ...


Yes, I could not resist. Just for you, girls ... I went to ask him if he would lend himself to the photo-souvenir.

I have another, or I pose next to the gentleman (but this one, I keep it, because it will still make friends chatter). The actors ofBaywatch can go get dressed! He was rather flattered that I want to take a picture of him, the lifeguard.

As I asked him most seriously about the size of the waves, the strength of the currents, the layout of the reef, just to give me a countenance, he first thought I was working for a magazine ... I I almost failed to answer him that I was doing a report for a big French regional newspaper, but ...

Sea, surf and sun

In fact, a guy from the Australian TV, who I fell after, had just passed. For a real report, which will be aired in September, about Kuta's lifeguards job and a surfing competition taking place in the area these days.

I meet the Australian a little further, feet in the water, now somehow his big camera, his microphone and his tripod just above the foam. He is waiting there, in full sun, ready to melt on the first surfer in distress and the team of muscular lifeguards in action ... Hard job, I assure you.

I exchange a few words with him. It's funny, he too was still Lembongan the day before, to film the surfers from there.

Kuta Beach, Bali.
Kuta Beach, Bali.

Followers of Jesus

Later, while I polish my tan after a refreshing splash in the waves (in well-supervised zone), I am pulled out of my torpor by songs.

I lift my head, dismiss with a wave of the hand a "manucureuse" who redirects his trajectory to offer me his services, and discovers a group of people, the waves look like boyscouts with their shorts and their white socks in their sandals, accompanied by a very "Jesus returns" guitarist.

They sing in chorus, clap in their hands. It looks like a sect. The song finished, they close their eyes. They pray, visibly. Then they go together to the sea, surrounding a guy, that they help to advance in the waves. I jump on my device, twirl in my sarong, and rush to them. It's a baptism.

Baptism in the sea on the beach of Kuta in Bali, by the "Followers of Jesus".
Baptism in the sea on the beach of Kuta in Bali, by the Followers of Jesus.


I arrive a little late and have only time to make some shots from afar. A red guy with big teeth, noting my interest in the thing, tries to evangelize me by explaining to me the meaning of baptism. I thank him and pretend to be passionate about what he tells me, just to know who these people are.

I end up having my info: "We are the Followers of Jesus. We are from all over the world, America, Australia, New Zealand ... » I'm staying there. Mecretic I am, disbelieving I remain.

Balinese offerings

Frankly, to choose, I would rather be Hindu ... Just before, I also met three Balinese women in traditional costume, came to deposit their offerings. They knelt on the sand, right in front of the nightclub 66 and its bungee platform, which marks the border between Kuta and Legian.

Always these graceful gestures, this little ritual with incense sticks and flowers ... I love it!

Offerings on the beach of Kuta, Bali.
Offerings on the beach of Kuta, Bali.


Chic evening in Seminyak

I finish my afternoon beachesque at the rich, in Seminyak. And I offer myself at European prices a glass of Chardonnay and exquisite sushi, very chic Ku De Ta.

It is a vast restaurant-bar-disco on the beach, with rest beds to wallow in front of the sunset between people fried at the time of the aperitif. Evenings DJs on weekends. An army of waiters in big black aprons wait for the least of your gestures, ready to satisfy all your desires.

To console me for the end of the stay, I offer sushi and a glass of Chardonnay to the very chic Ku De Ta. (Seminyak, Bali)
To console me for the end of the stay, I offer sushi and a glass of Chardonnay to the very chic Ku De Ta. (Seminyak, Bali)


Ambient music, renowned chef in the kitchen, service and refined decor. It's good to be rich. Except that ... I'm a millionaire rupees, as I planned to hang out at the beach all afternoon, I left my money and my credit card at the hotel. And I have just enough money to pay the bill Ku De Ta... Argh. I almost dipped instead of watching the sunset!

Not serious. Before leaving, this Friday night, I'll come back. With sub. And give me an orgy of sushi to console me for having to fly back ...

  Indonesia: Bali - July 2008

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  1. Hello,
    Do you think I'll be able to get out of the sluggishness in which your story settles me to go to work?

    You know, at Les Vieilles Charrues, you could have seen pretty boys too.
    My thing against the spleen of departure: I promise to come back and as I am a person of speech, it's all good ... if the little pigs do not eat me.
    It makes me think that I have to go to Brazil one of these days.
    Finally, with your p'tites bull ', we travel well and without sunburn.

  2. We too, little spleen, because tonight, we say goodbye at the cafe Nikos ... ..We were there every night, and we loved it! Moreover, he gave us a mini bottle of ouzo for thank you for our assiduity ... Anyway, last night in Folegandros, island we really liked !!! Tomorrow, Milos !!!!!
    Have a nice trip back !! I kiss you very much !!!!
    I do not know if I will find an internet connection to Milos ... ..So, I tell you soon, Milos, or Geneva ... ..
    Lots of love!!!!

  3. @ Nono:
    Too many people for me at Les Vieilles Charrues ... And not that we serve sushi at sunset time! In any case, I am very happy to be able to make you travel well with my Little Bubbles Elsewhere. Who knows, after Asia, maybe one of those days I'll be heading to South America? Full of kisses. Have a nice trip to Pondichery.

    @ Marie-Julie:
    I am now stuck at Singapore airport, where I am waiting for my next flight. The concentration of lifeguards on the square meter has been singularly reduced, alas ... But there is what you need in restaurants to taste some last comforting sushi!

    @ Helene:
    I remember the name of this island, Folegandros ... It seems to me to be a very nice destination for a small vacation not too far. See you soon!

  4. Hello
    plutot craquants les lifeguards là bas, ça me rappèle un lifegard à cuba où j’aurai bien simulé une noyade! 😉
    bon fini de plaisanter, faut bosser! 🙁
    @ more

  5. Well, I see that the lifeguard in red shorts has cheered you up ... That was the goal!

    Come on, courage Laurence! And above all, do not drown yourself in the job (unless there is a pretty lifeguard in the area?).

  6. Hi Corinne,

    I just read your post carefully and I must admit that you made a very beautiful description (Kuta - Legian - Seminyak) ... For having spent 2 months in Indonesia in April and May this year (and follower also scuba diving) I found all your posts very nice !!!
    And ahhhhhh, the Ku De Ta ... I love this place ... even if a bit expensive ... You could have pushed to the Living Room (resto bar / indo box / Southeast Asian), held by a French very nice ...

    Good luck for your blog and hoping that we can exchange the future on these different topics!

  7. Hello Franoiss,

    The atmosphere on the sand of Kuta-Legian-Seminyak inspired me. This beautiful beach is a huge theater, a permanent stage.

    As for the "Ku De Ta", I too liked this place. But I slammed it into rupees, compared to my usual daily backpacker budget for the rest of the trip. That said, it does not displease me, to vary the pleasures, to go from one atmosphere to another. Often, at the end of the trip, after spending several weeks rather "roots", the economy, I give myself a night in a more chic hotel or a meal in a more refined restaurant. There, I opted for the restaurant (I was really fed up with nasi goreng !!!).

    I did not stay long in Kuta and I am far from knowing everything. It would have taken me a few more days to test other restaurants and discover good places. But I take note of the "Living Room" for next time!