Dominican Republic

  Dominican Republic - January 2009

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I'm a lucky girl. I'm going on another trip soon! Not to Asia this time. I'm flying west, across the Atlantic, to the Caribbean. Destination: the Dominican Republic.

Press trip


This is not a personal trip, but a press trip. The tourism fair takes place at the end of January in Rennes and the Dominican Republic is the guest of honor. We are several journalists of various media to embark, this Thursday, from the airport of Nantes.

Yes, I know. Spending a week in the sun in the middle of this polar winter is a more than enviable fate... Ah, I'm not going to complain. Working in flip-flops? I'm all for it! Besides, this trip is oriented "tourism and nature". Too hard.


A first trip, nine years ago

I already went to the Dominican Republic, nine years ago, for vacations. I had taken a dry flight and snubbed the "todo-incluido" packages. Without seeing much more of the country, to say the truth, than these tourists adept of tour operators and resorts, from which I thought I was so different, at the time...

I visited the capital Santo Domingo, and then I went to Las Terrenas, on the peninsula of Samana. In short, a pure farniente stay.

I'd been diving a bit, too. But this time, I doubt I'd find time to blow bubbles underwater.



The most important memory I have from this long stay in the Dominican Republic is the music. Omnipresent. On every street corner, in the shops, the restaurants, the bars, the cars. Not a place without a sound system that beats merengue, bachata or reggaeton... I found it very strange, when I came back to France, not to hear any music in the streets.

So I leave. Too happy to change horizon, to cross an ocean. To be far away, somewhere else, not at home... How I like it!

Moreover, it's something totally new on this blog: this will be my very first account of an "organized" trip, my very first chronicles on a non-Asian journey! Wow. It would be almost intimidating.


  Dominican Republic - January 2009

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  1. Well, by now...you must be stuck on the plane, trying to find a comfortable position...but...you won't find it...because, on the plane...we don't sit well!!! I wouldn't like to be in your shoes...10 hours on the plane....quelle horreur!!! 😉
    Well...actually I'm just a bit nervous, because it's so cold, ugly and grey here....Finally, it warms me up a bit to know you're there. Enjoy the sun and this week of exoticism!

  2. And the jet lag at the return
    And in the wrong way
    And for work and more
    I hope you're entitled to benefits
    I really wouldn't like to be in your shoes
    Give us a few photos in a short post so we can see what we've escaped 👿
    😡 😡

  3. @ Marie-Julie: The sunny photos arrive... I finally find the time to log on. My days are so full that I haven't even had time to spend on the Internet yet!
    @ Denis: Yes, I'm really lucky... I can see why you loved it. The scenery and the welcome are fantastic.

    @ Helen: The discomfort of the plane is already forgotten. The heat and the change of scenery are here. I can't believe I'm here.

    @ Alimata: The photos are coming... 😉 It's really horrible, what's happening to me. You'll see for yourself. I wouldn't wish this on anyone... But what wouldn't I do for my diary!!!! 😆

    @ Yves: 😆 Well then, all that's left for me to do is wish you bon voyage!!!! Enjoy!!! 😀

  4. Thank you Yves! I'm almost at the end of my stay as I reply to your comment... And I'm delighted with the trip. As usual, it went by too fast!