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  Between Two Journeys

My blog has been selected for the 2010 Info Cup, in the category "Tourism". The results will be announced on January 23rd in Courchevel. Until then, the vote of Internet users counts ...

To give a boost to my Bubbles Underwater & Beyond, just two clicks. That happens here :
UPDATE : years later (this contest dates from 2009), this page has been removed. So I removed the links ...

Info Cup

I'm a little surprised that my Bubbles Underwater & Beyond have attracted attention, since this blog is more of a personal travel journal than a tourist information site. And I did not know anything about Info Cup, before receiving the e-mail announcing my selection.

This contest focuses only on journalists' blogs, in five categories: tourism, sustainable development, high-tech, sports, automotive, economy. There is nothing special to win, except the glory and the right to ride on skis (not too much my thing, I admit). This 4th edition will be sponsored by Bernard de la Villardière.

I wonder how event organizers like this do to pick the blogs they select. Google is their friend, no doubt ... In this case, I can thank: who elected Bubbles Underwater & Beyond best travel blog ; who did it without his selection of "tourism blogs";
Glamour whose blog has finished 2nd in the category "travel".

As a friend pointed out, by making fun of it, I'm becoming a beast to contests, with this blog ...


Still, I do not run after. And I'm not very good at self-promotion. But I will not sulk my pleasure: I am very happy that my blog is noticed and read, because it is a project that keeps me closer and closer to my heart.

What amuses me less is that I will have to indulge in the joys of the interview ... but side interviewed, for once. With video capture, via Skype presumably, since I am not from Paris (the girl who has to film the candidates organizes her interviews in Paris). All will end in a short film presenting all bloggers, which will be screened in Courchevel when the time comes. It promises.


Added Monday, January 24, 2010: the results

Many thanks for all your clicks and support! ! ! It took a hair to get my Little Bubbles Elsewhere to win ...

My blog finished in 2nd place, with 38.3% of the votes, behind that of Marie-Ange Ostré, A World Elsewhere, who wins with 40.2% (and which I am also a fan for a long time, by the way ;-)). Congratulations to the winner! ! !

I am especially pleased to note that we two, independent bloggers, we get close to 80% of the votes, far ahead of the other blogs of "big" media, that would have been more able to tap the clicks. Eh eh ! ! !

Small Bubbles Elsewhere exists thanks to you who read it, you who share my passion for travel and / or diving, and who make it live through your comments. Thanks again, really! ! !


  Between Two Journeys

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  1. @RolK: Thank you! I had lots of nice little words, too, via Facebook and Twitter, telling me "voted". As you are the first to post a comment directly on the blog, I will do my best to be worthy of my first star (yes, madam, in my young age, I descended black runs ... on the buttocks) and bring you back an autographed photo of Bernard ... 😆

  2. Voted for you and ... Marie-Angel, because too hard to decide your two blogs so different
    In any case, I join your friend: The Bourbeillon becomes a beast to contest ...
    Are you coming to the agricultural show? 😀

  3. @Manta: Very nice, thank you! 🙂

    @Alimata: 😆 Many of you have managed to vote for both of us !!! Even Marie-Ange voted for me ... and me for her. Maybe we will get a couple's price for the agriculture show. 😀

  4. Hello Corinne,
    what will be your next trip? I am a little curious, but I prepare a trip to Cambodia (we leave in 30 days) and I wanted to know if the seabed is correct, because we will do our Padi there. Your site made me want too much, moreover we were in Indonesia just before you and your summary reminded me of my adventures ...
    I voted for you because it is really one of the best travel blogs I know.
    See you soon.

  5. @Nikos: I do not know yet what will be the next trip ... maybe the Philippines, two years after my first getaway there?
    As for Cambodia, I have never dived, but I do not think there are many interesting sites for diving. In any case, it is not a destination known for ploufs ... There must be way to glean more info by asking the question in the Asia section of But if it's just to pass the OW, it's not a big deal, since it's mostly theoretical and practical exercises. You will then enjoy beautiful exploration outings in much more famous corners, such as & #8230; Indonesia! 😉
    In any case, a thousand thanks for voting for my Little Bubbles Elsewhere! And such praise touches me a lot ... Besides, I see that the fabulous theme Arthemia has inspired you for your own blog. I'll go browse it too, it looks very attractive!

    @Anthony: No, I did not have time to go to the Rennes dive shop, so I waited until yesterday to finally download the PDF version of the n ° 23 on the site!!! I am really happy to see my picture and highlighted, at the head of your article on these charming slugs that we love so much (but I soon recess & #8230; 😉) And thank you again for the insert on my little bubbles in the end of paper.

  6. I did not know the Arthemia theme, and the way you showcased it did not leave me insensitive, and allowed me to use it for my blog.
    I reassure you, yours is well above mine in every respect, the pen of a professional does not replace an amateur like me. In any case, thank you for making me travel once home from my own travels.

  7. @Nikos: I have "tampered" with this theme to adapt to my needs. But it is to its Indonesian author that we must pay tribute. The basic theme is free, and just to be used! Beyond form, comparisons do not make much sense, as the content of blogs is related to the personality of the one who is behind ... For my part, I love to browse the blogs of travelers, who carry me me too to other horizons. 😉

  8. Hello,
    It had been a while since I had not been there, I saw the article and I voted for ...
    éh éh 😉

    Small bubbles, of course
    m ... e for the rest

    And if not, happy holidays of end of the year!


  9. @ @lain:Thank you for the vote !!! Given my modest audience, I have little chance of winning the "click race", but it does not matter, the main thing is to participate. 😉
    Happy holidays too!

  10. Congratulations Little Bubble ❗

    Not even 2% difference with the votes for Marie-Ange ... to say that you have finished exe quo. And basically that's what I wanted for both of you.

    Encore bravo 😀

  11. @ Grenouille33: Thanks thanks thanks !!! I just edited the post, to add the results. 🙂

    @Manta: Thank you !!! I admit, I did not think to make such a score ... 🙄