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I had missed, at the end of June, the guide Bali-Lombok from the collection The Natural Guide. It was published just after my departure for Bali! When I returned, I jumped to the Travel Bookstore to get it for me.

I have traveled with pleasure. The presentation is well done. The editorial line, eco and solidarity, I liked. So, I just bought the one from the Thailand, that I had never done that leafing.

These guides (edited by World Pages at the time I published this post, picked up by Viatao now) encourage us to "travel differently", that is to say in respect of the environment and the people. I quote :

The way we travel has an impact. The simple choice of a hotel, a restaurant, a travel agency or a dive center, more or less respectful of the environment and in solidarity with the inhabitants, makes a big difference.

Anyway, I like the way they invite to visit Bali or Thailand, with each time a small selection of hotels, tours, excursions and activities in accordance with these principles. There is also a series of feature articles, oriented society and culture, very interesting. I who wrote in this blog an article about Amed's salt workers, I had pleasure to find in the guide Bali-Lombok a double page on this subject.

I also appreciate that they do not hold an extremist speech or bless-yes-yes. On the dolphins of Lovina, for example, excursion to which I had for my part made the choice to give up, their suggestions for organizing an outing, under the best conditions (that is to say, that does not turn to dolphin hunting), are quite relevant. In addition, they also give a lot of ideas to get out of the box.

In short, I have no action at the publisher, but these guides are quite well done, very enjoyable to browse, carefully illustrated and stuffed with sound advice. A good alternative to traditional hitchhiker and Lonely Planet (my favorite being obviously not the first of the two).

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