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  Between Two Journeys

I discovered this week-end the city of Romans, in the Drôme (Rhône-Alpes), near Valence. To tell the truth, I did not see much. The reason for this trip to the South, 5 hours TGV Rennes, was professional, not tourist: I went to cover the Festival of expression on the internet.

Bloggers Festival

On the agenda: many debates, round tables, conferences, on the blogosphere and new uses of the web. Passionate bloggers came to meet web pros, and a contest rewarded these net authors in 18 categories of blogs.
Romance Festival.The winner of the category "travels" is a blog around the world, The world of Sissou, that I invite you to discover. It has passed through Southeast Asia, Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. You can find all the candidates and the winners of the contest of this 2e edition on the site of the Romance Festival (EDIT 16.10.200 - the site no longer exists, the link is inactive).

One detail that amused me during these two days of meetings was the way people introduced themselves, by the name of their blog, before adding: "What is your blog? ". Proof, if need be, that virtual identity counts as much as real identity for bloggers.

The blog becomes a kind of business card. I had to explain every time I was there to work, as a journalist, not as a blogger. Though…  ;-)


Romans is really a pretty city. But I did not have much time to visit it. I only managed to do a few photos and enjoy ravioli, a specialty of the area.

View of the Isere and Bourg-de-Peage.

In Romans, there are shoe stores everywhere. To my great regret, I also did not have time to go shopping ...

The clock tower Jacquemart, with his automaton, Romans.Opposite, the clock of the Jacquemart tower, with its automaton, in Romans.

The city was once prosperous, thanks to the shoe industry. But since the crisis of 1974, many companies in the sector have dismissed massively and closed. An economic disaster. A big, slightly kitschy concrete shoe stands on Place Jacquemart.

The historic district, with its medieval buildings, is quite charming; the view of Isere and Bourg-de-Péage just opposite very beautiful. It is true that the red tiles and the clear facades do a good job when you come from Brittany, where granite and slate dominate.

A pleasant change of scenery, like a taste of summer, holidays.

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  Between Two Journeys